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The Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) Board celebrates ten years of excellence in 2012. In the long history of American accreditation, this is a very short timeframe; yet, given the impact of federal law enforcement, the establishment of FLETA and the potential for improving professionalism, competence, and excellence of federal law enforcement are historic. Over the past ten years, FLETA has grown and continues to evolve, advance, and sets the tone for future law enforcement training nationwide. Learn more about FLETA's accomplishments and how FLETA is benefiting federal law enforcement agencies and can support your training.

FLETA Celebrates a Decade of Excellence
2012 is FLETA's 10th Anniversary - learn more about FLETA's history, vision, benefits, and more!
FLETA Overview (PowerPoint)
The accreditation of a federal law enforcement academy or program provides assurance to the citizens they serve that they have voluntarily submitted to a process of self-regulation and have successfully achieved compliance with a set of standards that have been collectively established by their peers within their professional community that demonstrate their adherence to quality, effectiveness, and integrity.
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FLETA Strategic Plan 2012 – 2016