Temporary Release From Custody

Under special, limited circumstances, inmates who meet strict requirements may be allowed temporary releases from the institution through furloughs and staff-escorted trips. A furlough allows inmates to be in the community without a staff escort.

There are several purposes for furloughs: for example these enable inmates to be present during a family crisis, facilitate re-establishing family and community ties, and allow an inmate to participate in certain activities to help his/her release transition. The Bureau may authorize staff-escorted trips for purposes such as visiting a critically ill family member; attending a funeral; receiving medical treatment; or participating in educational, religious, or work-related functions.

Inmate-specific questions should be addressed directly to the institution where the individual is confined. You can access an institution's e-mail address by using the Facility Locator. Enter the name of the institution or, if you don't know it, select the correct choice from the drop-down menu(s). Once you have accessed the institution's page, click the "Contact Information" link and scroll down to the e-mail address.