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A free podcast will be released each Thursday featuring one-on-one interviews with everyone from NEA Jazz Masters to leading arts experts to National Medal of Arts winners and more.

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Photo by Peter Murphy

Clive Gillinson
Executive and Artistic Director, Carnegie Hall

Clive Gillinson on bringing Carnegie Hall to all New Yorkers. [34:36]

transcript | download mp3   Posted October 11, 2012

Photo courtey of Virginia Folklife Program

The Paschall Brothers
Tidewater Gospel Group, 2012 National Heritage Fellowship recipients.

Three generations of Paschalls have brought beautiful harmonies to their community. [35:21]

transcript | download mp3   Posted October 3, 2012

Photo by Perry Ardelle Burnham

Harold Burnham
2012 National Heritage Fellow and Master Ship Builder

Harold Burnham keeps the Essex shipbuilding tradition alive and vibrant. [30:47]

transcript | download mp3   Posted September 27, 2012

Photo by Rob Hann

Margot Livesey

Novelist Margot Livesey discusses The Flight of Gemma Hardy -- her reimagining of Jane Eyre. [32:40]

transcript | download mp3   Posted September 20, 2012

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Short Cuts shȯrt\’kəts\   Definition: Brief clips of notable audio and video we couldn’t leave on the cutting room floor...

Phoebe Jacobs, former Executive Director of the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, discusses hearing the inimitable Louis Armstrong for the first time. [2:05]


Musician Neko Case reads and comments on “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd” by Sir Walter Raleigh. [2:00]

Transcript | Get mp3

2009 Poetry Out Loud National Champion Will Farley recites “The Flea” by John Donne [2:06] 

Transcript | Get mp3

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