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Saturday, Oct 13, 2012

Collaborative Forum
Collaborative Forum

Join us in an open forum to identify and suggest innovations that improve integrity, efficiency and service.

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Combating Improper Payments Graph
Combating Improper Payments

Federal government programs lowered their error rate from 5.3 percent in FY 2010 to 4.7 percent in FY 2011, representing approximately $115 billion in improper payments. Despite the progress that agencies are making in lowering the government-wide error rate, the Administration is still very focused on reducing improper payments, and needs your help to identify innovative approaches that significantly boost payment accuracy across government programs.

Gaining Efficiencies across Programs Graph
Gaining Efficiencies across Programs

Integrating program processes and systems will reduce red tape and enable staff to focus on delivering services to the public.

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A Partnership For Solutions Beyond Silos Graph
A Partnership For Solutions Beyond Silos

By improving connections among Federal, state, and local governments, we can meet the 21st century challenges facing benefits programs.

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The Partnership Fund for Program Integrity Innovation

Welcome to, the website for the Partnership Fund for Program Integrity Innovation at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The Partnership Fund seeks innovative ideas for improving the stewardship of federal dollars to create an efficient, effective government model for the 21st century.

Our Purpose: Using funds appropriated by Congress, the Partnership Fund will fund pilot projects and evaluations that test ideas for improving Federal assistance programs through the following measures:

  • Reducing improper payments
  • Improving administrative efficiency
  • Improving service delivery
  • Protecting and improving program access for eligible beneficiaries

New Pilots Funded

On May 20, OMB announced funding for three new Partnership Fund pilots. These new pilots identify state best practices in program administration and test ways that existing resources could be used more effectively to produce better outcomes. For details, visit the Pilots page

Submit your Solutions

Innovative ideas for improving assistance programs can come from anyone: members of the public; nonprofits; employees of federal, state, local, or tribal governments; foundations; vendors and other private sector interests; or academics. Please contribute your ideas below. Together, we can make solutions a reality.

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We will be looking for ideas that address the following:

  • Problem: What do we need to improve?
  • Programs: What are the program(s) affected?
  • Solution: What should change?
  • Outcomes: How will your solution improve…
    • administrative efficiency?
    • service delivery?
    • payment accuracy?
    • access for eligible beneficiaries?
  • Cost: How much would it cost to conduct a pilot? What are the pilot’s potential cost savings?

To see how ideas become pilots, please read about our process.

Got a white paper? If you have a white paper that you wish to submit, you may include a link to it in the comment box or e-mail it as a PDF attachment to