#AskFAFSA Office Hours with Secretary Arne Duncan

On October 12th at 4pm ET, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan will join @FAFSA to answer your financial aid questions during the October edition of #AskFAFSA Office Hours. Maybe you have a question about completing the FAFSA or understanding your loan repayment options? Maybe you want to know more about the new resources we just launched? If you have a financial aid question for Secretary Duncan, now’s your chance to ask!

AskArneEvent_PosterHere’s how it works:

  • Have questions for @ArneDuncan You can start submitting your questions on Twitter and Facebook today. Be sure to include the #AskFAFSA  hashtag in your tweets. We will be monitoring for questions on Facebook and Twitter from now through Friday.
  • On Friday, October 12th, at 4pm ET, follow @FAFSA or the #AskFAFSA hashtag on Twitter to join the conversation. Arne will be answering your questions live. Don’t use Twitter? You can also follow along using the Twitter app on our Facebook page.
  • Can’t make the live session? A summary of #AskFAFSA Office Hours, including the full Q&A, will be posted on Storify following the event.

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8 Responses to #AskFAFSA Office Hours with Secretary Arne Duncan

  1. Robert says:

    Why is it that private lending firms charging as much as 8.5% APR have been allowed to be representatives of the US Government when we were under the impression that Students Loans are to be capped off at low interest rates beneath 4%?

  2. Cindy says:

    I am appalled at the discriminatory practice that has been implemented by FAFSA! If a student has a documented disability and cannot pass certain tests imposed by states in order to graduate with a regular high school diploma they have to accept the alternative, a modified diploma! A modified diploma is not recognized as a equivalent diploma (although these student have met the credit acquisition requirements) and cannot receive Federal Financial Aid. I am speaking about the Invisible disabilities, Specific Learning Disabilities, to be more precise. These hard working, committed students are being punished for having disabilities. It’s truly leaving children behind!!

  3. Brian says:

    Why aren’t parents offered income based repayment?

  4. Marta says:

    What are people supposed to do when they don’t have Internet access at home and live in a rural area? More programs are requiring Internet access such as the IRS Data Retrieval Tool information for postsecondary schools.

  5. Denise says:

    Am I eligible for financial aid if I’m undocumented? I am applying for US citizenry.

  6. Gene says:

    Why should he be able to candy pick the questions he wants to answer? Sounds like a staged event to promote a failing agency. Why doesn’t he have a town hall meeting and ask real Americans for questions, and look the American public in the eye with a answer??

    Arnie… I have questions your department is skirting..come ask me

  7. Sue says:

    I can’t claim my daughter as a dependent but FAFSA says she is. I make 8.00 an hour after being laid off from my School Board Job. This needs to be fixed!!

  8. Theresa says:

    Can I use left over funds from an Americorps stipend to repay a student loan ?

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