Community Action Planning

The Bullying Prevention Training Module Materials are research-based resources that can help you lead bullying prevention efforts in your local communities.

Getting Started

The Training Module presentation will help you create an action plan and plan a community event, using the latest research on bullying.

Training Module with Speaker Notes (PDF - 1.3 MB)
Presentation with suggested talking points to help create an action plan and plan a community event

Training Module PowerPoint (PPT - 5.2 MB)
Presentation for use at a community event, workshop or town hall meeting

Planning and Implementing a Community-Wide Event

The Community Action Toolkit includes materials to create a community event using the research, ideas and bullying prevention and response strategies that you learned about in the Training Module.

Community Action Toolkit (PDF - 1.7 MB)

This supplemental guide includes:

  • Landscape Assessment – a tool to help you understand the unique challenges in your community and current efforts already underway
  • Template Community Event Agenda – a customizable agenda to help you organize a local community event
  • Community Engagement Tip Sheet – tips for building a diverse network of supporters who can contribute to bullying prevention and response efforts
  • Guide to Mobilizing Communities in Bullying Prevention – a checklist of key stakeholders to engage in bullying prevention and response efforts
  • Action Planning Matrix – a tool to help stakeholders understand their roles in community-wide bullying prevention and awareness efforts
  • Tips for Working with the Media a how-to guide for engaging media and gaining visibility for your efforts
  • Bullying and Suicide: Cautionary Notes an overview of bullying and suicide issues
  • Funding Ideas for Future Bullying Prevention Efforts tips on maintaining and pursuing funding for bullying prevention efforts     
  • Resources a step-by-step guide for finding additional resources on
  • Feedback Forms tools for assessing the impact of the Training Module Materials and community event

Download this video
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Misdirections in Bullying Prevention & Response

This six-minute video features Dr. Catherine Bradshaw, a national expert in bullying prevention. She discusses approaches to avoid in bullying prevention and response.

The video can be streamed from the internet at a community-wide event. If the event facility does not have internet access or is unable to project the video for an audience, you can download the video or share a transcript of the Misdirections Video, which is also available in Spanish. Additional information can be found in the complementary Misdirections Tip Sheet, also available in Spanish.

Provide Feedback

  • Complete the online feedback form to help assess the quality and usefulness of the training module materials.