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American Painting

Selected Tours
American Portraits of the Late 1700s and Early 1800s
American Impressionists of the Late 1800s and Early 1900s
Mary Cassatt: Selected Paintings
John Singleton Copley
Portraits of the Founding Benefactors
Gilbert Stuart
Gilbert Stuart Paints the First Five Presidents
Selected African American Artists
Whistler, Sargent, and Tanner: Americans Abroad in the Late 1800s

In-Depth Studies
American Masters from Bingham to Eakins: The John Wilmerding Collection
American Impressionism and Realism
John Singleton Copley: Watson and the Shark
William Harnett: Trompe l'Oeil
Jasper Johns: Perilous Night
Thomas Moran
Jackson Pollock: Number 1, 1950, (Lavender Mist)
Edward Ruscha: Lisp
Frederic Remington
Mark Rothko
Edward Steichen: Le Tournesol (The Sunflower)

Streaming Slideshow
Winslow Homer: Right and Left (Download RealPlayer)

British Painting

Selected Tours
British Conversation Pieces and Portraits of the 1700s
Constable and Turner: British Landscapes of the Early 1800s
Britain's Royal Academy of Art in the Late 1700s and Early 1800s
British and American Grand Manner Portraits of the 1700s
British and American History Paintings of the 1700s

Dutch and Flemish Painting 17th Century

Selected Tours
Dutch Landscapes and Seascapes of the 1600s
Dutch Still Lifes and Landscapes of the 1600s
Frans Hals
Sir Peter Paul Rubens
Sir Anthony van Dyck
Johannes Vermeer and Dutch Scenes of Daily Life in the 1600s

In-Depth Studies
Johannes Vermeer: Woman Holding a Balance
Johannes Verspronck: Andries Stilte as a Standard Bearer

French and Italian Painting 17th Century

Selected Tours
Seventeenth-Century French Painting
The Emergence of New Genres

In-Depth Studies
Valentin de Boulogne: Soldiers Playing Cards and Dice (The Cheats)

French and Italian Painting 18th Century

Selected Tours
18th-Century France: Boucher and Fragonard
18th-Century France: Chardin and Portraiture
18th-Century France: The Rococo and Watteau
18th- and 19th-Century France: Neoclassicism

In-Depth Studies
Claude Joseph Vernet: The Shipwreck

French Painting 19th Century

Selected Tours
Manet and His Influence
The Beginnings of Impressionist Landscape
Camille Pissarro, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne
Paul Gauguin
Mary Cassatt, Auguste Renoir
Mary Cassatt: Selected Paintings
Claude Monet
Edgar Degas
Romantics and Realists

In-Depth Studies
Edgar Degas: The Dance Lesson
Edouard Manet: The Railway
Edouard Manet: The Dead Toreador and The Bullfight
Small French Paintings

Virtual Exhibition Tours
Van Gogh's Van Goghs: Masterpieces from the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Download QuickTime)

Italian Painting 13th–14th Centuries

Selected Tours
Byzantine Art and Painting in Italy during the 1200s and 1300s
Painting in Siena in the 14th and Early 15th Centuries

Italian Painting 15th Century

Selected Tours
Painting in Siena in the 14th and Early 15th Centuries
The Early Renaissance in Florence
Patrons and Artists in Late 15th-Century Florence
Venetian Painting in the Early Renaissance

Streaming Slideshow
Fra Angelico and Filippo Lippi: The Adoration of the Magi
(Download RealPlayer)

Italian Painting 16th Century

Selected Tours
Venice and the North
Fresco Cycle with the Story of Procris and Cephalus
The Feast of the Gods
Giorgione and the High Renaissance in Venice
Titian and the Late Renaissance in Venice
Venetian Painting in the Later 16th Century

In-Depth Studies
Jacopo Bassano: The Miraculous Draught of Fishes

Northern European Painting 15th–16th Centuries

Selected Tours
Netherlandish Painting in the 1400s
15th- and Early 16th-Century Germany
Netherlandish and Spanish Altarpieces in the Late 1400s and Early 1500s
Antwerp in the Early 1500s

Spanish Painting

Selected Tours
El Greco
Spanish Painting in the 17th Century
Francisco de Goya

In-Depth Studies
Pablo Picasso: The Tragedy

Modern and Contemporary Painting and Sculpture

Selected Tours
Selections from the 20th-Century Collections
Selected African American Artists

In-Depth Studies
Alexander Calder: Vertical Constellation with Bomb
Henri Matisse: The Fauves
Jasper Johns: Perilous Night
Pablo Picasso: The Tragedy
Jackson Pollock: Number 1, 1950, (Lavender Mist)
Mark Rothko
Edward Ruscha: Lisp
Edward Steichen: Le Tournesol (The Sunflower)
Édouard Vuillard: Place Vintimille

Virtual Exhibition Tours
Alexander Calder: 1898–1976 (Download QuickTime)

European Sculpture 14th–19th Centuries

Selected Tours
Florentine Sculpture of the 15th Century
Marble Sculpture from France

Sculpture Galleries

Prints and Drawings

Selected Tours
M.C. Escher: Life and Work
Works on Paper from the Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch Collection
Selections from John James Audubon's The Birds of America (1826–1838)
Winslow Homer Watercolors: A Survey of Themes and Styles
Mary Cassatt: Selected Color Prints
Rembrandt's Late Etchings

In-Depth Studies
Rembrandt van Rijn: Abraham Entertaining the Angels

Virtual Exhibition Tours
Thirty-Five Years at Crown Point Press (Download QuickTime)

Index of American Design

Selected Tours
Folk Arts of the Spanish Southwest
Pennsylvania German Folk Art
Shaker Crafts


Selected Tours
Selected Photographs from the Collection

In-Depth Studies
Julia Margaret Cameron: The Mountain Nymph, Sweet Liberty
Edward Steichen: Le Tournesol (The Sunflower)

Decorative Arts

Selected Tours
Chinese Porcelains
French Renaissance Ceramics
Italian Cabinet Galleries
Italian Renaissance Ceramics
Medieval Metalwork and Enamels
Neoclassical Decorative Arts of the Late 1700s
Production of French Decorative Arts in the 1700s
Rococo Decorative Arts of the Mid-1700s

In-Depth Studies
Art Nouveau, 1890–1914

Architecture Tours
West Building
East Building
Sculpture Garden


Current Exhibitions

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Exhibitions on Tour

Virtual Tours of Exhibitions

Past Exhibition Resources

Past Exhibitions: Online Resources (1997–2010)

Online Tours

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