College Affordability and Completion

Promising Strategies: We have posted the submissions to our Request for Information on promising and practical strategies to promote college student success from institutions across the nation.

College Affordability and Transparency Center: learn which colleges have the highest and lowest prices.

Fact Sheet: President Obama's Blueprint for keeping college affordable and within reach for all Americans.

Institutions Commit to Providing Millions of Students with Easy-To-Understand Information About College Costs (September 25)
We know that students and their families face a difficult task in deciding where to enroll for higher education, and understanding the cost of college—and how to pay for it—can be daunting.
Arne on Cost of College and Pell Grants (August 30)
Secretary Arne Duncan sat down recently to answer questions he received via social media, email and mail. Zack wanted to know if Arne thought the rising cost of college would keep Americans from a...
ED’s Wilson Discusses Importance of Historically Black Colleges & Universities (February 17)
Ed. Note: This post is the first in a series of blog posts that highlights leaders at the Department of Education.
Experts Convene for College Completion Symposium at ED (January 31)
How do we meet the diverse needs of the 21st century scholar and meet the President’s 2020 goal of once again leading the world in college graduation rates?


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