Education Reform

Link to Let's Fix NCLB blog post Flexibility from No Child Left Behind

Find out how states can get relief from provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (NCLB) in exchange for efforts to close achievement gaps, promote rigorous accountability, and ensure that all students are on track to graduate college- and career-ready.

Read the announcement. Visit the ESEA Flexibility page. See also the ESEA home page and blueprint for reauthorizing ESEA.

On Charter Schools and Swimming Pools: A Changing Tide in School Choice (August 27)
Summer is a time when I am reminded that the world is divided into two kinds of people:  those who, when confronted with a cold swimming pool, enter one toe at a time and those who dive right in. In...
We Can’t Wait: 10 States Approved for NCLB Flexibility (February 9)
“We can’t wait,” President Obama said earlier today at a White House event to announce that 10 states have been approved for flexibility in exchange for reform from No Child Left...
Obama in State of the Union: “America is Back” (January 25)
President Obama delivers his State of the Union addr


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