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Search by keyword or phrase for teaching resources, in-depth studies, and exhibition features, contained in documents other than the collection database. If you are looking for specific works of art in the collection, please use the Search the Collection form. For additional information on searching the Gallery's collection, please read Search Tips.

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Search by artist, title, subject, expanded search, provenance, or accession number for information from a database of the entire collection. Object location information is available for works on public display.Text and/or data on all of the more than 110,000 objects in the National Gallery's collection can be found using various search capabilities. Images of more than 20,000 objects in the collection are available. Check images only to limit your search to objects for which images are available.

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Search the collection for a specific artist, title, or both. Enter the words that you want to search for and click on the Search button. For additional information on searching the Gallery's collection, please read Search Tips.

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Search the collection according to a particular subject.

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Search the collection using one or more of the following criteria: artist name, title key words, school, style, creation date, medium, and/or short list of popular subjects.

Provenance Search
Search the collection by the name of a previous owner of a work of art.

Accession Number Search
Locate information about a specific work of art by entering the accession number of the object.

Gemini G.E.L.: Online Catalogue Raisonne
Search records and images of approximately 2,000 print and sculpture editions created at the Gemini G.E.L. workshop from its beginning in 1966 through 1996.

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