Making Your Decision
Before making your decision, visit Investment Funds. You'll find information about the TSP fund options, performance, and expenses.
Submitting Your IFT
Most participants use the website or the ThriftLine. These methods allow your request to be processed more quickly and efficiently.
Confirming Your IFT
You will receive a confirmation of your IFT in the mail. If you make your request on the website, you will have the option of receiving an e-mail informing you that your transaction was processed. You will be able to go to the My Account section of the website to review the details of your transaction.

Redistributing the Money in Your TSP Account


The money that is in your TSP account right now is invested in one or more of the individual funds (G, F, C, S, and I) and/or L (Lifecycle) Funds. If you want to change how that money is distributed within your account, you can tell us by requesting an interfund transfer (IFT).

An IFT allows you to redistribute all or part of your existing TSP account among the different TSP funds. An IFT does not affect the investment of future deposits into your TSP account. To direct new money coming into your account, visit Contribution Allocations.

If you have traditional (including tax-exempt) and Roth balances in your account, your IFT will move a proportional amount from each type of money into the funds that you have specified.  The table below illustrates what would happen if you have a $100,000 TSP account in which $90,000 is traditional and $10,000 is Roth, the account is 100% invested in the G Fund, and you want to have 10% of your account in the G Fund and 90% of your account in the C Fund.

Interfund Transfer: 10% G Fund, 90% C Fund
$90,000 Traditional Balance $10,000 Roth Balance
$9,000 G Fund        $81,000 C Fund $1,000 G Fund        $9,000 C Fund


Making an Interfund Transfer (IFT)


There are several ways that you can make an IFT.


Visit My Account: Interfund Transfers. You will need your account number (or user ID) and your 8-digit password.


Call the ThriftLine. You will need your TSP account number and your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

When Do Interfund Transfers Take Effect?


Online and Telephone

IFTs made on this website or the ThriftLine before 12 noon Eastern time are generally processed as of that business day. Requests made after 12 noon Eastern time are generally processed the next business day.

Interfund Transfer Limits


You can make an IFT at any time, but there are some important limitations:

  • The first two IFTs of any calendar month may redistribute money in your account among any or all of the TSP funds, including moving your entire balance into the Government Securities Investment (G) Fund.
  • Subsequent IFTs in the same calendar month can only move money into the Government Securities Investment (G) Fund.

If you have both a civilian and a uniformed services account, these rules apply to each account separately.

Your IFT counts in the calendar month we process it, not in the month you submit it.