Request TSP Account Number
Address Reminder

If your address has changed, do not ask the TSP to mail your account number until your address is changed in your TSP record.

To change your address:

Active employees: Ask your agency or service to update your address or use your agency's or service's electronic system, if required.

Separated participants: You must notify the TSP of your address change. There are several ways to do this:

  • Mail Form TSP-9 to the TSP at the address or fax number on the form;
  • Send a letter to the TSP. Your signed and dated letter must include your new address, your account number (or Social Security number), and your date of birth.

Note to separated participants: Once you are able to access your account through the Web, you can make future updates to your address online.

If you have lost or forgotten your TSP account number, you can enter the information below and click Submit. Your account number will be mailed to you at your TSP account address: you should receive it within 10 days. You will not be able to access to your account online or via the ThriftLine without your account number. (You cannot obtain your account number over the telephone from the TSP.) Remember, you will also need your TSP password to access your account through the Web and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access your account through the ThriftLine.