Making Your Decision
Before you decide how to allocate your new contributions, visit Investment Funds. You'll find information about the TSP fund options, performance, and expenses.
Making Your Contribution Allocation
Most participants use the website or the ThriftLine. These methods allow your request to be processed more quickly and efficiently.
Confirming Your Request
You will receive a confirmation of your request in the mail. If you make your request on the website, you will have the option of receiving an e-mail informing you that your transaction was processed. You will then be able to go to the My Account section of the website to review the details of your transaction.

Investing Your TSP Account Contributions


All new money coming into your TSP account is automatically invested in the G Fund. If you would like it to be invested differently, you can tell us by requesting a contribution allocation.

Your contribution allocation tells us how you want new money going into your account to be invested among the TSP investment fund options.  New money may be your own contributions, your agency contributions (if you are a FERS employee), your TSP loan payments, and any transferred or rollover funds from other retirement plans.  You can make a contribution allocation at any time.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Your contribution allocation will not affect the money that is already in your account. To manage those funds, visit Interfund Transfers.
  • Your contribution allocation will remain in effect until you submit another contribution allocation request.
  • If you have a traditional balance and a Roth balance in your TSP account, you cannot make a separate contribution allocation for each balance.
  • Any new money will be deposited proportionally according to your fund allocation at the time the money is deposited into your TSP account.

Making or Changing Your Contribution Allocation


There are several ways that you can make or change your contribution allocation.


Visit My Account: Contribution Allocations. You will need your account number (or user ID) and your 8-digit password.


Call the ThriftLine. You will need your TSP account number and your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

When Do Contribution Allocations Take Effect?


Online and Telephone

Contribution allocations made on the TSP website or the ThriftLine before 12 noon Eastern time are generally processed on that business day. Requests made after 12 noon Eastern time are generally processed the next business day.