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  • 24/7 Science - Lawrence Hall of Science - In these interactives, use your hands, feet, eyes, ears, brain, imagination and cool tools to experiment, design, test and discover amazing things about the world around you. It's science and it's fun!
  • Activities - NASA Kids' Club - Build a gingerbread robot and make a pop rocket!
  • Aeronautics and Space History - Exploring the history, science, and technology of aviation and space flight.
  • Amusement Park Physics - Design your own roller coaster, and along the way they will learn a thing or two about the laws of gravity, pendulums, and kinetic energy. Along with explanatory essays, this resource contains interactive graphics and a glossary of terms.
  • Animaland Activities - This site from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has great information on caring for you pet, humane education, games and cartoons and much more.
  • Brainteaser Quiz: Dinosaurs - Test your Dinosaur smarts.
  • Capture the Cosmos - Learn about black holes, comets & asteroids, galaxies, gravity, and more. (Flash required)
  • Drinking Water & Ground Water - Games and Activities - Play word scrambles, a matching game and a game that lets you control the water cycle.
  • Earthquakes for Kids - Learn cool quake facts, earthquake ABC's, catch up on the science of seismology, and explore being a geophysicist.
  • EnergyHog.org - Hog Busters Training Camp - Become Official Hog Busters by playing cool games and learn about saving energy.
  • Engineering, Industry, and Invention - This site has many resources on topics, such as manufacturing, energy and power, and invention and innovation.
  • Environmental Studies - Smithsonian Institution - This site has a variety of resources on such topics as climate change, marine ecosystems, conservation. land habitats and more.
  • Fuel Our Future - Middle School Students - Learn everything you can about car design, environmental impact, energy efficiency and alternative fuels.
  • Geology and Mineral Sciences - This site has a list of resources on topics such as general geology, minerals, lunar geology, and vocanology.
  • Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge - Use binoculars, field guides, a camera, and other tools, as well as talk to local people to help you make decisions about a fictional forest reserve in this educational game.
  • How Small is Small? - Play a game! Can you arrange these objects from smallest to biggest? (Requires Flash)
  • Invention at Play - The playful approaches cited by creative adults form an interesting parallel to the four kinds of children�s play that child-development experts identify as more or less universal.
  • Kids Only Game Time! NASA Earth Science Enterprise - Listen to an earthquake's rumble - find out why the wind blows - visit storms up close and play games.
  • Kids Saving Energy - Games, tips, and facts just for kids who want to save energy!
  • Kids Saving Energy - Games and Activities - Fun games and activities for kids who want to save energy.
  • Let�s Go Outside! - Spending family time outside is easy and fun. Whether it is your own backyard, a local community park or a national wildlife refuge, there are lots of outdoor places you can visit. It's time to reconnect with our environment.
  • NASA - Kids' Page K-4th - Games, stories, activities, and space news for kids.
  • NASA @ Home and City - Have you ever wondered how space exploration impacts your daily life? Discover it here. (Flash required)
  • NASA Quest - Learn about flight and the people who made it happen.
  • NASA's Interactive Features - Download images, podcasts, and video clips as well access interactive online features.
  • National Marine Sanctuaries - For Fun - Volunteer at your local national marine sanctuary and discover the wonders of a kelp forest, coral reef or ships from a bygone era.
  • Nuclear Energy Student Zone - Enter the futuristic city of Neutropolis, where everyday life is just like today, except that advanced energy technologies have improved transportation, environmental quality, building structures, and overall quality of life. (Requires Flash)
  • Rocket Science 101 - NASA has created this website that allows you the opportunity to learn how two different types of rockets (the Delta II and the Atlas V) are constructed.
  • Saving Energy - Lose Your Excuse - Activites and information you need to join millions of kids who are using energy wisely. (Flash required)
  • Sci Jinks - Learn about weather, hurricanes, clouds, tides and more. You can even find out about the weather in space.
  • Sewage In Your Face - In this virtual science classroom, this Sewage in Your Face gives kids the laugh-out-loud opportunity to be a plumber and take a treatment plant tour - all while learning about the importance of a clean and healthy environment.
  • Smog City - Visit this website and take the smog city visitors� tour guide. Learn about ozone, the air quality index, and what you can do to prevent air pollution.
  • Solar System Exploration - Discover planets, missions and news.
  • Solar System Exploration Kids Page - Learn all about our solar system: - the Sun , our planets, more than 130 moons and a bunch of comets, asteroids and other space rocks.
  • Strange Matter - Discover the secrets of everyday stuff and learn about materials science.
  • TryScience - Experiments - TryScience and over 400 science centers worldwide invite you to investigate, discover, and try science yourself.
  • WaterLife: Where Rivers Meet the Sea - Learn about estuaries using this online game.
  • Ways of Knowing Trail - Take an interactive journey with 4 teens to explore a forest. (Requires Flash)
  • Young Scientist Challenge - This is a premiere national science competition for students in grades 5 through 8. The Young Scientist Challenge is designed to encourage the exploration of science and to promote the importance of science communication.

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