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  • Bicycling - Bam.gov - Be street smart. Ride on the right side of the road, moving with traffic, and obey all traffic signs and signals. Discuss the best riding routes with your parents - they'll help you determine safe places to ride near your home.
  • Bike Helment Information - Learn the correct way to wear a bike helmet.
  • Bike Safety - Learn about bike riding safety tips.
  • Bullies - What is Bullying? - No matter what situation or form it comes in, bullying can make you feel depressed, hurt, and alone. So It's My Life put together this guide to give you all the basics of dealing with bullies.
  • Cyberbullying - StopBullying.gov - Cyberbullying, which is sometimes referred to as online social cruelty or electronic bullying, can involve: Sending mean, vulgar, or threatening messages or images or pretending to be someone else in order to make that person look bad.
  • Cyberbullying Prevention - Online bullying, called cyberbullying, happens when kids use the Internet, cell phones, or other devices to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.
  • Flu - Find out about this new flu and what is the best defense against it.
  • Hard Facts About Helmets - If you like recreational activities that involve wheels, concrete or asphalt, then protect your brain by wearing a helmet.
  • How to be Safe When You're in the Sun - If you're going to be out in the sun, especially on a hot day, you need to stay safe and not get sunburned.
  • Internet Safety for Kids - Visit this cool site to view a slide show on how to be safe in many situations. Learn about crime prevention, personal safety, Internet safety, and more.
  • News You Can Use - The news can be full of stories about bad things like tornadoes, hurricanes, disease threats, bombings, kidnappings, and war. Visit this useful site to learn tips on understanding just what it all really means.
  • Rabies Safety - Learn about rabies and how to protect your pet.
  • Staying Healthy Every Day - Practice these good habits to stay healthy every day.
  • Stop Bullying .gov - Find out what bullying is and what you can do to stop it.
  • Stop Underage Drinking - Help young people take a stand against underage alcohol use and discover fun, alcohol-free ways to spend their time.
  • Sun Proof - Bam.gov - It's key to get outside and get active - just make sure you're protected! You always need sun protection - it's just another part of your gear!
  • SunWise Kids - It's fun to play in the sun, but did you know that too much sun can be bad for you? If you ever had sunburn, you have felt some of the bad effects of too much sun and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
  • Swimming - KidsHealth.org - Swimming is a lot of fun, but drowning is a real danger. Let's find out how to stay safe in the water.
  • Your Safety - Keep yourself safe with information on having the right gear, being water smart, wearing sun proof, and more.

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