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  • 3D Twirler - Design and texturize three-dimensional shapes. Learn how artists create these special effects without a computer. (Shockwave required)
  • Architect's Virtual Capitol - Tour the Capitol building in Washington DC, including information on the construction of the U.S. Capitol building. (Flash required)
  • BRUSHster - NGA Kids - BRUSHster is an online painting machine. This shockwave interactive includes more than forty brushes and customizable size, transparency, texture, and stroke options.(Shockwave required)
  • Flow - NGA Kids - Flow is a motion painting machine. Choose a picture and create a path for the motion. (Shockwave required)
  • For Kids and Families - Hirshhorn Museum - Young at Art programming provides a unique opportunity for young visitors to explore contemporary art through a direct connection with the ideas and creative practice of visiting artists.
  • Latino Center's Kids Corner - Smithsonian - View three major galleries: 1) a Kids Gallery; 2) the Son Clave Lounge featuring Latino music; 3) Meso Time, a virtual visit through Mexico�s pre-Columbian past.�(Flash required)
  • Photo Op - NGA Kids - An interactive activity that introduces you to digital photography and digital photo editing. (Shockwave required)
  • Photoshop Collage Tutorial - American Art Museum - Learn how to create your own collage using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Pixel Face - NGA Kids - Choose a portrait and use different colors and brushes to change the picture. (Shockwave required)
  • Super Highway Scholars - For Students - Create your own collages of state historical and geographic facts.
  • The Artist's Toolkit: Visual Elements and Principles - Artists use visual elements and principles like line, color and shape as tools to build works of art. Explore this site to learn more.

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