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  • @rt Junction - The @rt Junction is designed around the idea of "activity" centers that encourage kids to create, to learn and to explore new ideas, places and things on their own.
  • 3D Twirler - Design and texturize three-dimensional shapes. Learn how artists create these special effects without a computer. (Shockwave required)
  • Art Zone - What is a collage machine? Or a 3-D twirler? This site from the National Gallery of Art has interactive art that you can make online.
  • ArtGames - Artgames is an interactive website designed to engage children in playful, interactive learning about works of art in the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York.
  • Collage Machine - NGA Kids - Create your own collage of using shapes, flowers, animals, instruments, faces and more. (Shockwave required)
  • Collage Machine II - NGA Kids - Create your own collage of using signs, shapes, flowers, sculptures, colors, faces and more. (Shockwave required)
  • Coloring Pages - Crayola - Over 1,000 free coloring pages for you to pick from.
  • Crayola - Games and Fun - All kinds of fun activities to help you express your imagination.
  • Day at the Beach - Curious George - George is at the beach and would like some help making sand castles, but there's a science to it. Experiment by mixing sand and water, in various shaped containers, to determine the consistency needed to make a solid shape. (Flash required)
  • Latino Center's Kids Corner - Smithsonian - View three major galleries: 1) a Kids Gallery; 2) the Son Clave Lounge featuring Latino music; 3) Meso Time, a virtual visit through Mexico's pre-Columbian past. (Flash required)
  • Meet Me At Midnight - After a field trip to the Smithsonian American Art Museum, you are magically taken to the galleries at night. To get back home, you have to solve mysteries and help your new friends find their artworks
  • Music, Art and Creativity - Sesame Street Playlists - Browse and learn from different videos about art.
  • NGA Kids - Choose from a variety of activities or projects from the National Gallery of Art, enjoy an animated musical adventure, take a tour through the sculpture garden, and more.
  • Seattle Art Museum - Learn and Play - These sites from SAM have online art tours and interactive games, lesson plans and art activities.
  • Where's Smithy? - Meet a border collie named Smithy; figure out where Smithy is and then follow him by visiting Smithsonian museums in Washington, D.C.

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