Estimate the growth of your TSP account by calculating the growth of your future contributions and/or the growth of the money already in your account.

Agency Automatic and Matching Contributions
The FERS calculation of the growth of your future contributions and earnings includes the effect of Agency Automatic (1%) and Matching Contributions.

Growth of Your Future Contributions and Earnings

Select your retirement system: Tip: You may begin contributing to the TSP (through payroll contributions) as soon as you are hired. If you are a FERS employee, you are also eligible to receive agency automatic and matching contributions. CSRS employees and members of the uniformed services do not receive agency contributions. For more information on eligibility for agency contributions, see 'Participating in the TSP' in TSP Features (for civilians or uniformed services).          
Enter a whole percentage that you wish to save: Tip: The maximum amount of your own basic pay that you can contribute to the TSP is limited by the IRS. IRS elective deferral limits may increase each year. % from your annual pay of $
Tip: The maximum amount you can contribute to the TSP in catch-up contributions is also limited by the IRS. Do not enter a dollar amount that will result in an amount exceeding the IRS limit. These limits may change each year.
(Only for participants who are age 50 or older)

Growth of Your Existing Account


(Future rates may not replicate historical rates of return.)