Employing Ex-Offenders
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Work opportunities provide hope and a chance for achieving success to newly released Federal ex-offenders. Employers are encouraged to participate in creating opportunities to help individuals become law-abiding, productive citizens. Many ex-offenders are willing to start in minimum wage jobs that offer a future. The benefits of employing ex-offenders include:


Service to the public: By providing work opportunities, employers help ex-offenders become tax-paying citizens who contribute to the community, and give them a chance to share in the American dream.

Skilled employees: Most ex-offenders have completed programs designed to help them develop the skills needed to achieve success in the "world of work." Many have had employment and training in Federal Prison Industries (tradename: UNICOR), and/or in vocational and occupational training programs. Some have valuable skills and can fill jobs for which skilled workers are hard to find.

Possible eligibility for Government business incentives:

Bonding programs:

    UNICOR's Federal Bonding Program Available to eligible Federal ex-offenders.

    Federal Bonding Program, U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Employment & Training Administration: For ex-offenders without UNICOR work experience. Prospective employer or ex-offender employee may be eligible. Refer to DOL’s Directory of State Coordinators for points of contact to help determine eligibility.

    Note: Some states offer a free service that provides individual fidelity bonds to employers for job applicants with a conviction record. Check with your state's employment service.
    Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC): Gives an immediate contribution to an employer's "bottom line" by providing eligible employers with a Federal tax credit for hiring an ex-offender.

Ex-Offender Employment Resources