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Sara's Quest

Sara's Quest
Text Versions:

For those who prefer not to use the Flash version, text versions are also available.

Sara's Quest

Sara's Quest has been developed for use in schools or in the home for children to learn about the effects of drugs on their brain and body.

For those with high bandwidth internet connections, a Flash version of these quests is now available. These files will be around 350 - 400 Kb in size and can take some time to download. For teachers wishing to use these files in class, it is recommended that they be downloaded to the student computers before class. Once they have been accessed the first time, they should remain in the cache until cleared by the browser.

You will need the Flash plug-in from Macromedia to play this game.

Download the Flash Plug-In

Play Sara's Quest!

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Explore the brain's response to drugs with Sara Bellum.

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