Assault Graphs

To assess the relative safety of our institutions today as compared to earlier points in time, we look at the number of assaults that occur per 5,000 inmates (or the “rate of assaults”). This allows us to compare different points in time regardless of the size of the inmate population and feel confident that any changes we see are not simply the result of more inmates in the Bureau’s institutions. The data come from the Chronological Disciplinary Records (CDR) and include serious assaults (Prohibited Act 101 that involve serious physical injury or threat of serious injury) and less serious assaults (Prohibited Act 224). The following charts provide a user-friendly way of looking at the comparisons of assaults over time. Note that the blue line in the charts represents the rates of assaults per 5,000 inmates and the green line represents the counts (or numbers) of assaults. These charts are updated on a monthly basis. To access raw data available in spreadsheets, click here.