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Some Go Direct campaign printed materials are available and can be ordered for free. Simply fill out and submit the materials order form below. If you'd prefer to fax or e-mail your order, a Word version of the materials order form is available. To preview select printed materials, click the icons below.

Materials for Community-Based Organizations

                      Flier – Spanish                      Direct Express Card Pamphlet              
          Flier                 Spanish Flier         Direct Express® Card             Poster


Materials for Financial Institutions

                     Financial Institution Flier – Spanish    
        Flier                       Spanish Flier                         

Go Direct Materials Order Form


- -  

While the Go Direct campaign provides materials free of charge, please note the suggested quantities per financial institution branch, community-based organization or event. If you would like to order more materials than suggested, please contact your campaign representative or call (952) 346-6055 to discuss.

Materials for Community-Based Organizations

Quantity Suggested Quantity**


Materials for Financial Institutions


*Contact your campaign representative or call (952) 346-6055 to order.

**Contact your campaign representative or call (952) 346-6055 with questions about suggested quantities.

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