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Understanding Cancer Statistics

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Learn definitions of statistical terms, how cancer statistics are used, and how population-based cancer statistics are calculated.

Key Information

  • Glossary of Statistical Terms
    Defines common statistical terms, NCI terminology, and the five key statistical measures of cancer: incidence, mortality, survival, prevalence, and lifetime risk. NCI monitors these cancer statistics to assess progress and to identify population subgroups and geographic areas in which cancer control efforts need to be concentrated.
  • Understanding Cancer Prognosis
    A fact sheet about predicting disease outcome and recovery, and how statistics help doctors estimate a cancer patient’s prognosis.
  • Did You Know? Video Series
    SEER is developing the Did You Know? video series to highlight key topics and trends in cancer statistics in collaboration of NCI’s Office of Communications and Education. Many of the statistics presented in the videos are available in the annual SEER Cancer Statistics Review (CSR).