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Diabetes During Pregnancy

Friday, October 12

Friday, October 12

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Thursday, October 11

Benefits of lifestyle changes go beyond weight loss for diabetes patients, researcher says
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Christopher Storm was a high school freshman and track runner when doctors found an abnormality in his heart. Part of the muscle was thicker than it should have been, making it harder for it to send blood to the rest of his body.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Cardiac Arrest, Health Screening, Sports Safety

When there was a shortage of a drug used to prevent IV-related infections in kids, the frequency of those infections increased almost ten-fold at one Michigan hospital, a new study shows.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Bacterial Infections, Medicines, Nutritional Support

Survey reveals areas where they could improve care

Teach kids to wash hands often
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Pinkeye

Before you take one, speak to your doctor
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Allergy, Over-the-Counter Medicines

Swedish study found link between problem-solving ability, lung function
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Seniors' Health

Rate of diagnoses highest in Northeast, but largest percentage occurred in the South

More information about cheaper options could save beneficiaries hundreds of dollars a year
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Statistics, Stroke

Assistance from so-called 'patient navigators' may improve odds for survival, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Breast Cancer

Facebook community made strides by focusing on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Birth Control, Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Younger women who are thrust into menopause because of breast cancer treatment may get some relief from talk therapy and regular exercise, a new study from the Netherlands suggests.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Breast Cancer, Cancer Chemotherapy, Menopause

Younger people with advanced lung cancer who quit smoking more than a year before their diagnosis survive longer than those who continue smoking, according to a new study.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Lung Cancer, Quitting Smoking, Smoking

Research finds they have accurate insights into level of care provided

Nutrient deficiency is associated with inflammation, cancer, heart disease, diabetes
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Minerals, Seniors' Health

Wednesday, October 10

Marker in plasma rises when asbestos-linked mesothelioma is present, study says
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Laboratory Tests, Mesothelioma

Leaving extreme poverty may benefit healthy adolescent girls, but not boys, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Disparities, Teen Mental Health

Of all the chocolate research out there, the most unabashed tribute to the "dark gold" has to be a study just published in one of the world's most prestigious medical journals.
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Understanding Medical Research

Gently clean the skin
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Acne

Related MedlinePlus Topics: Hormone Replacement Therapy, Women's Health

Certain groups in poor neighborhoods are more likely to become problem drinkers, researchers find
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Alcohol, Health Disparities

Early detection of this serious skin cancer is critical
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Lymphoma, Melanoma, Organ Transplantation

Timing of hormone therapy seems to be key, with younger women seeing benefit

MRIs show differences in brains of people who could or couldn't be put into a trance
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Study found rise in rates among adults aged 20 to 54
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Statistics, Stroke

Number of deaths now stands at 168, up from 163 last week
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Statistics, West Nile Virus

Tuesday, October 9

After Diabetes during Pregnancy, Healthy Diet Linked to Reduced Type 2 Diabetes RiskFrom the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)

New biomarker reveals odds of heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer, study says
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Laboratory Tests, Women's Health

Related MedlinePlus Topics: Abdominal Pain, Children's Health, CT Scans

Nearly one in ten U.S. children undergoing spine fusion surgery get injections with bioengineered bone-growth proteins that have not been green-lighted for that use by health regulators, researchers have found.

Of more than 65,000 people screened in study, 5 had 'BDNF' deletion
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Genes and Gene Therapy, Mental Disorders, Obesity

Study found those who go to meetings shed more pounds, whether health pro or peer in charge
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Weight Control

Suggestions to soothe a fussy baby
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Child Dental Health, Infant and Newborn Care

Study finds shared breakfasts, dinners have no effect on kids' academics, behavior
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Child Development, Family Issues, Teen Development

Non-contact activities safest, allowing children to enjoy exercise, experts say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Exercise for Children, Hemophilia

Up to 13,000 got steroid shots linked to the outbreak, agency says
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Drug Safety, Meningitis, Steroids

With flu season approaching, a new study offers more reassurance that kids with egg allergies can be safely vaccinated against the virus.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Childhood Immunization, Flu, Food Allergy

Developer says it eventually may allow earlier detection, treatment
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Genetic Testing, Oral Cancer

Technique uses multiple images to improve chances of diagnosing coronary artery disease
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Coronary Artery Disease, MRI Scans

Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka warned patients on Tuesday about unproven "stem cell therapies" offered at clinics and hospitals in a growing number of countries, saying they were highly risky.
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Stem Cells

Novel Coronavirus Recently Detected (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Study found benefits when nearby facilities cooperate to control spread of MRSA
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Facilities, Infection Control, MRSA

Scientists have successfully tested a portable device to prepare lungs for transplant, potentially boosting the number of organs available and reducing the risk the operation will fail.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Lung Transplantation, Organ Donation

Prevent Domestic Violence in Your Community (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Findings may one day help tailor treatment, improve outcomes

People with heightened sensitivity to bitter flavors better at warding off infections, study found

Critics worry that the push for good outcomes may reduce access to care for sickest patients
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Angioplasty, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack

New guide helps seriously ill teens and young adults talk about their needs
Related MedlinePlus Topics: End of Life Issues, Teen Health

Valley Fever: Awareness Is Key (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Fast walking, jogging reduced disease warning signs, but daily stroll did not

Monday, October 8

Retinal imaging could help doctors sort out accidents from purposeful injury
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Child Abuse, Retinal Disorders

Between 1998 and 2008, CT use ballooned from 1 percent to 15 percent of these cases, study shows
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Abdominal Pain, Children's Health, CT Scans

Finding backs current blood bank policies, researchers note

Risk factors include obesity
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Cholesterol, Healthy Living

Make them easier to swallow
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Infant and Newborn Nutrition

Study found greatest improvement in whites, better-educated groups over 14-year period

Some 13,000 people in 23 U.S. states may have received steroid injections linked to a rare fungal meningitis outbreak that has killed eight people, but far fewer are likely to contract the disease, the Centers for Disease Control said on Monday.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Drug Safety, Meningitis, Steroids

Advocates say a system such as Amber Alerts is needed for these kids
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Autism, Child Safety

Researchers say the variations occur in fetal development and are not passed down by parents
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Genes and Gene Therapy, Schizophrenia

But mothers' fish consumption during pregnancy shows protective effect, researchers find

Scientists have found two distinct genetic "signatures" for prostate cancer that may help doctors predict which patients have aggressive tumors, and designed experimental blood tests to read those genetic signs like barcodes.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Health Screening, Prostate Cancer

Inflammation may be a disease factor, researcher says
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Genes and Gene Therapy, Lung Cancer

Authoritative parenting can help teen friends cut drinking, smoking and drug use, researchers say
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Drugs and Young People, Parenting, Smoking and Youth

Men who love their tomatoes may have lowered odds of suffering a stroke, a study out Monday suggests.
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Antioxidants, Stroke

Scientists from Britain and Japan shared a Nobel Prize on Monday for the discovery that adult cells can be transformed back into embryo-like stem cells that may one day regrow tissue in damaged brains, hearts or other organs.
Related MedlinePlus Topic: Stem Cells

Sunday, October 7

Heart attacks, falls bring many hunters to the emergency room
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Gun Safety, Safety

Study found mental health benefits from a couple hours of light-to-moderate activity each week

Search continues for patients who received injection of steroid believed contaminated with fungus
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Drug Safety, Meningitis, Steroids

Saturday, October 6

FDA Statement on Fungal Meningitis Outbreak (Food and Drug Administration)

Study looked at nearly 600,000 people with condition
Related MedlinePlus Topics: Esophageal Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Stomach Cancer