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American Reinvestment and Recovery Act

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Additional Recovery Act Resources from NIH

NIH and the Recovery Act

Recovery Act Funding Awards

NCI has quickly moved to utilize Recovery Act funds for projects. Deserving projects are being funded through new grants and contracts as well as supplements to existing grants. Information on this page will be periodically updated so please check back to see how NCI is spending Recovery Act funds.

Search for specific Recovery Act awards through the NIH RePORT tool.

NCI is in the process of distributing Recovery Act funds to deserving projects. During FY2009 and FY 2010 NCI will allocate approximately $1.3 billion of Recovery Act funds.

Bar Graph that depicts approximate dollars in Recovery Act awards through Novembre 13th, 2009 by award type. The number of totals dollars in awards are approximately $847,000,000. The number of dollars in Research Grants are $522,000,000. The number of dollars in Contracts are $318,000,000. The number of dollars in other awards are $6,000,000. The following is an Adobe Flash depiction of this data.


Obligated funding represents funding that NCI has already set up for payment towards grants, contracts, and other mechanisms.

Research Grants are federal assistance awards for investigator-initiated research proposals. Contracts are awards for specific goods and services that support NCI's research activities. These contracts are either for research and development or for other research support.

Use the search tool below to explore NCI funded Recovery Act projects from the NIH Reporter database. Search by key word, location, and/or award type.