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Federal Web Site Inventory
Section 207(f)(2) of the E-Government Act of 2002 requires each agency to:
  • Establish a process for determining which information will be made available on the Internet and by other means;
  • Develop priorities and schedules for making that information available;
  • Make those priorities and schedules available for public comment;
  • Post the priorities and schedules on the Web site; and
  • Report the priorities in their annual report to OMB on implementing the E-Government Act.
This document is provided in partial fulfillment of these requirements.


USDA has had an active Web site since 1994. Beginning in January 2004, USDA launched a redesigned Web site providing Citizen-Centered navigation and content placement, based on our audience analysis and usability studies. We now offer content to our customers in three ways: Subject, Audience and - customization.

USDA's policy is to make available to the public content that is deemed cleared for the public domain. Therefore, USDA's Portal site includes links to all department and agency news releases and public statements, a wide range of policy documents, and Federal Register notices, as well as links to other content, including but not limited to: research papers, educational materials, news releases, fact sheets, statements, and the common customer statement.

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