The Annuity Calculator can help you estimate how much your monthly annuity payments would be if you have the TSP purchase an annuity for you when you make your request for a full withdrawal. (The minimum annuity purchase amount is $3,500.) The estimated results are rounded and displayed in whole dollars. You may also use the annuity worksheet provided in the Forms & Publications section to manually estimate your monthly annuity payment. Keep in mind that an annuity is only one of several TSP withdrawal options available to you after you separate from service or when you inherit a beneficiary participant account. Note: A monthly annuity payment is not the same as a TSP monthly payment.

Before you use the Annuity Calculator

If you have a civilian or a uniformed services TSP account, read the TSP Annuities section of the booklet Withdrawing Your TSP Account After Leaving Federal Service. This will help you understand the options and features that are available. You can get a copy of the booklet from your agency or service. If you have a TSP beneficiary participant account, read the Annuities section of the booklet Your TSP Account: A Guide for Beneficiary Participants.

Choose the kind of annuity you would like, then press the Start button.