You may be having trouble accessing your account for one of the following reasons:

  • You have an older browser, which may not support the security features needed to view personal account information.
  • You entered your 9-digit Social Security number instead of your 13-digit account number or user ID.
  • You have both civilian and uniformed services accounts and you have not set a separate password for each account. (The password may be the same for both accounts, but you have to log in to each account separately to set the password.)
  • You are using the wrong password. Keep in mind that once you request a new password, all previous passwords will no longer work. Also, if you submitted more than one request for a password, only the latest one you requested will be effective when you receive it.
  • You were already a TSP participant when Web passwords went into effect in May 2007 and you have not yet established a Web password. You can ask the TSP to mail you a Web password or, if you want to access your account right away, follow these steps to set up a password:
    1. Begin your login from the homepage using your account number.
    2. When you reach the next login page asking for your 8-character Web password, type in your ThriftLine PIN (which was mailed to you).
    3. You will be taken to a page that allows you to set up (or change) a password. Once you complete these steps, your PIN will no longer work on the website.
  • Changed internet IP address. For security reasons, your temporarily assigned Internet connectivity Internet Protocol (IP) address must remain the same during your My Account session. Some Internet network security managers, in order to protect their networks, randomly change IP addresses for different Internet transactions, which can cause a browser-to-server authentication error to be generated.

    If you are accessing your account from a workstation connected to such a network, your My Account session may be aborted and you may receive a message indicating that your internet connection IP address has changed since you logged into My Account. Try accessing your account from a “dedicated” Internet connectivity IP address, or one that does not change during a Web session.

    To assist participants using workstations connected to a .gov or .mil network that uses multiple Internet connection Firewalls, the Network Security Administrator for that Agency should e-mail the TSP Webmaster to have the location's or facility's registered .gov or .mil Internet IP address for their multiple external Internet Firewalls added to the “TSP Agency or Service IP Address Exception” table.
*Only participants who joined the TSP after May 2007 received Web passwords in the mail. Participants who joined the TSP prior to May 2007 were instructed to use their ThriftLine Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) to set up a password the first time they logged in to the website to access their accounts.