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Commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle with Check in each week, choose a team, and accept the challenge toward better health. Use the week to complete the challenge and come back the following Monday to see how your team did. A little healthy competition is good for us all!

This week's challenge:

Handle your hands. Each time you wash your hands, use soap and water and sing the happy birthday song. Your hands will be too clean and soft for the scent of cigarette smoke.

Washing your hands is a very simple way to stay healthy. It is one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of germs, illness, and infection.

Select your team:  

Team Soap
Team Suds

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Last week's challege:

Chefmate. Find a healthy recipe you've been meaning to try and cook it from scratch one day this week.

Team standings:

Team Hell's Kitchen 50.00 PercentTeam Top Chef 50.00 Percent