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Glynco FAQs

Can I bring my car to the FLETC?

The FLETC maintains a walking campus concept. Bus service is provided to and from the airports, to off center lodging accommodations, and to other special locations as needed. Cars cannot be driven to class. Cars are permitted, but parking on Center is limited and all student cars will remain at the lodging location until the end of the training day.

To register a car at the FLETC, operators must provide a valid drivers license and proof of insurance upon entry to the Center.

Is child care available?

Child development services (an on-site child development center) is available for the children and grandchildren of permanent and detailed staff and instructors of the FLETC and on-site Partner Agencies.  Visit the Child Development web page for more information.

How do I find out when a course will begin or how do I obtain a course schedule?

Since the agency is the entity that enrolls a student, they are the only ones who know when they plan on sending a particular employee. Therefore, the FLETC course schedule would be of no benefit to an individual. You should check with your agency. Additionally, the course schedule is constantly changing as the FLETC adjusts the schedule to meet the needs of the agencies and to accommodate other scheduling requirements. Just because a course is scheduled, does not necessarily mean it will actually occur because of these last minute changes and requirements.

How does an individual enroll at the FLETC?

The FLETC does not select students for admission; that is done by the individual's agency.  Each agency has its own regulations and hiring criteria regarding training required. 

Once a person is selected by his or her agency to attend training at the FLETC, the agency actually accomplishes the enrollment and would notify the person of any enrollment requirements that may need to be completed.  Agencies reserve training "seats" ahead of time and they determine when a particular individual will be sent for training at the Center. Individuals do not enroll directly. In other words, to attend FLETC training programs, one must normally be employed in a law enforcement position and will be enrolled for training by the employer.

Can I enroll at the FLETC if I am not in a law enforcement position?

The FLETC was created to train federal law enforcement officers. There is an on-site office that represents State, Local, and International law enforcement personnel. Private sector students can be admitted if the admission criteria is satisfied and a Partner Agency sponsors the student. Appropriate documentation from the Partner Agency is forwarded to the Director of the Office of State, Local, and International training for his approval.

Is e-mail and/or internet access available to students at the FLETC?

Yes. In the main classroom building, there are 48 computers on-line upstairs and 12 computers on-line downstairs available to access personal e-mail & internet accounts.  We are hoping to double that number by the end of the fiscal year.

You may also access your personal e-mail or Internet account  from those dorm rooms with phones.  To do so, you must have your own computer and you must be able to access your Internet Service Provider (ISP) either by a local (Brunswick, GA) phone number or by using a toll free number provided by the ISP. 

Another possible solution would be to use your personal telephone credit card toll free number to call your ISP, but this would be a long distance call and you would be responsible for paying for the charges (it would be your own telephone card you would be using).

I am interested in a career in law enforcement and would like information about the hiring and educational requirements.

We cannot provide that information to you. We can only address the requirements for position vacancies at the FLETC. You should contact our Human Resources Division for FLETC information. If you are interested in working for any other law enforcement agency, then you should contact that agency directly.

Where in the world is Glynco, GA? I can't find it on a map!

That's because it's not on the map.  Yes, Glynco is a real place, but it is not a recognized city.  We have our own zip code (31524) but it often does not show up in zip code directories.  Have no fear, we really are here! 

Glynco is located at Brunswick, GA.  For further details, please visit the Glynco Facility page.

How do I obtain patches, decals, and other collectibles pertaining to the FLETC?

The FLETC has a convenience store which sells some clothing items, patches, decals, memorabilia and similar items.  If you are interested in such items please call the store direct at (912) 265-2048.

Do the dorm rooms have phones?

Unfortunately we have not had the funding necessary to install phones in all the dorm rooms. However, many of them do have phones. Pay phones are located in the dorms and at other campus locations. For those rooms with phones, no out-going long distance calls are possible, but incoming long distance calls are permitted.

Some students are housed in hotels and those rooms normally have phones. Hotel policies apply to the use of those phones.

Does training occur from 8 to 5 and is there night or week-end training?

We have several training schedules but the normal training day for basic and most advanced training programs is either 7:00 am to 4:00 pm or from 9:00am to 6:00pm.   Practical exercises are often scheduled at night to offer the student benefits of darkness for actual situations. The normal training week is Monday through Friday, but training may be scheduled on Saturdays if necessary.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT CIRCUMSTANCES CAN ARISE WHICH WOULD CAUSE US TO DEVIATE FROM THE ABOVE STATED SCHEDULE.

How do I obtain a copy of my transcript?

To obtain a copy of your transcript, you must fill out a Transcript Request Form. Follow the directions for completion that are included on the form. Mail the properly completed Transcript Request to the address shown on the form. Please be sure to sign the form. Unsigned requests cannot be processed.

You may obtain a copy of the Transcript Request Form in any of the following three ways.

Send an email to: You will receive the form via return email.

Send a fax to 912-267-2444. You will receive the form via return fax.

Call the Educational Aides office at 912-267-2457 and request a copy of the form.

What uniforms or clothes and other personal items should I bring?

A Student Information Bulletin is published periodically and your agency should provide you a copy.  It is also suggested you visit our Site Map and visit those pages of interest to you.

How do I travel to the FLETC?

This is between you and your employing agency. Airports in Brunswick, Jacksonville, FL, and Savannah, GA, serve the FLETC. Both Jacksonville and Savannah airports are located at least an hour away via Interstate 95. The Brunswick airport is only 2-3 miles away and is the airport all agencies and trainees are encouraged to use. Effective February 10, 2002, Delta and ExpressJet/The Delta Connection (formerly Atlantic Southeast Airlines) will commence jet service to the Brunswick airport. The aircraft is a 50-passenger regional jet that can fly over 500 miles per hour at altitudes up to 41,000 feet. It is recognized for safety, convenience, and comfort. Please check with your organization's travel office or call the Delta/ASA toll free reservation number at 1-800-221-1212.