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Law Enforcement Control Tactics Instructor Training Program (LECTITP)

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The Law Enforcement Control Tactics Instructor Training Program (LECTITP) is a physically demanding and intensive 80 hour training program. The LECTITP provides instruction on techniques used in controlling compliant and non-compliant suspects, weapon recovery, and intermediate weapons. At the conclusion of this program, the student will be able to develop and instruct a program for their agency which includes arrest techniques, defensive tactics and intermediate weapons. Each student will receive a Certificate of Training and an instructor's manual.

Type: Advanced

Length: 10 Days


  • Striking and Close Quarter Defensive Tactics
  • Pressure Points
  • Weapon Retention
  • Takedowns
  • Ground Defense
  • Arrest Techniques
  • Tactical Simulation Training
  • Injury Management
  • Baton Control Techniques
  • Edged Weapon Awareness
  • Instructor Methodologies
  • Oleoresin Capsicum Spray
  • Use Of Force


The instructors in this program are current and former federal, state and local law enforcement personnel with substantial experience in the area of law enforcement control tactics. All instructors have graduated from the Law Enforcement Control Tactics Instructor Training Program and currently conduct and coordinate law enforcement related training to both basic and advanced students at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Many of the instructors hold advanced degrees and certifications in the art of self-defense, as it relates to law enforcement applications, from a variety of disciplines, philosophies and concepts. The Injury Management is instructed by the Athletic Trainer staff.

Prerequisites for Attendance

  • Currently employed as a sworn Law Enforcement Officer and be recommended by your agency.

  • Attend and successfully complete all components of training. Late arrivals and early dismissals are not permitted.

  • Participate and pass a tactical scenario using and/or when exposed to Oleoresin Capsicum.

  • Must be able to participate in Intensive Training lasting up to 10 hours per day and not have any medical restrictions.

  • Meet all requirements of the Practical Exercise Performance Requirements (PPR) for this program. The PPRs that must be answered: Group A (1,3); Group B (1, 2a&c, 3-18, 22, 25); Group D (3); Group E (11, 13, 14).

Additional Information

Graduation / Certification Requirements

To be awarded a certificate of training, the student must pass the below requirements. If a student cannot demonstrate an established minimum standard of performance in all graded areas, a certificate of training will not be awarded.

  1. Fully participate in each course of instruction and laboratory.
  2. Pass Arrest Techniques, Defensive Tactics, Edged Weapons, and Baton skill evaluation practical exercise.
  3. Achieve a minimum score of 40% on the Physical Efficiency Battery, excluding body composition (Physical Efficiency Battery Scores).
  4. Pass a written exam with 70% accuracy.

Continuing Education

The Law Enforcement Control Tactics Refresher Training Program (LECTRTP) is recommended for trainers who have successfully completed the LECTITP, ATITP, or DTITP.  The LECTRTP builds upon techniques and skills acquired during the initial instructor training program while providing students with updated information and techniques currently being taught at the PTD.  Additionally, LECTRTP provides trainers the opportunity to network and train with counterparts from various participating federal, state and local agencies.

Contact Information

PTD Main Line: (912) 267-2405
Training Technician: (912) 267-3087

Training Dates

A_LECTITP-203 / Artesia, NM -- Aug 06, 2012 to Aug 17, 2012
G_LECTITP-301 / Glynco, GA -- Oct 29, 2012 to Nov 09, 2012
G_LECTITP-302 / Glynco, GA -- Mar 04, 2013 to Mar 15, 2013
G_LECTITP-303 / Glynco, GA -- Aug 19, 2013 to Aug 30, 2013