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San Carlos Service Unit

San Carlos Service Unit
PHS Indian Hospital
P.O. Box 208
San Carlos, Arizona 85550
Phone: (928) 475-2371

San Carlos Hospital

Long-abandoned mining camps hidden in rocky canyons. Pine and juniper forests filling the horizon. The surprise of a boojum tree in a desert arboretum. Enter a sportsman's paradise and the land of the Apache Crown Dancers. This is the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in east-central Arizona.

The San Carlos Apache Indians

Although their traditional religion guides many aspects of their lives, the San Carlos Apaches are a contemporary, bilingual tribe. Where their ancestors once hunted and practiced horticulture, the San Carlos Apache Indians today raise herds of purebred registered Herefords.

Ceremonial rituals invoking the good graces of the elements command the respect of the community. Perhaps the best known of the ceremonies is the Apache Sunrise Dance. The lifestyles here are far removed from the itinerant wickiup communities of a century ago. Yet health care is still in need of vast improvement. Adapting the old to the new is your challenge at the San Carlos Service Unit.

San Carlos

Serving about 13,000 people, the Service Unit hospital is in the town of San Carlos, the major population center. Your basic supplies are available at the small stores in San Carlos, however the towns of Globe and Miami to the west, and Safford to the southeast, can provide you with a greater selection. Both Phoenix and Tucson are about a two hour drive away, and offer numerous large city amenities.

At an elevation of approximately 2,600 feet, San Carlos offers a temperate semi-arid climate. Temperatures range from 90 to 100 degrees during the summer, and 40 to 60 degrees in the winter.

The weather is perfect for seeing this impressive region. Reel in bass and crappie at San Carlos, Talkalai, and Seneca Lakes. Enjoy a refreshing respite in tree-lined forests. Go off-road to explore a long-abandoned silver mine. Or see a modern-day copper mine still in operation. Spend a day at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, and get acquainted with rare desert flora. Ski the mountain slopes at Sunrise, operated by the White Mountain Apache tribe. Camp in the colorful Salt River Canyon or take the Coronado Trail into Arizona's high country. Every direction takes you into exciting new territory.

San Carlos Hospital

At San Carlos Hospital, instead of being relegated to a single job you can become a vital member of a comprehensive team. Our JCAHO accredited hospital is staffed by fourteen physicians and four dentists. Our Inpatient Unit has an eight bed capacity, and services include general medical care and surgical aftercare. Outpatient services include general medical, pediatric, prenatal and postpartum care, surgical follow up and a variety of specialty clinics. There are 25,000 patient visits a year to our Outpatient Department and 25,000 visits per year to our Emergency Department. High risk obstetrical patients and those requiring surgery or complex medical care are referred to Phoenix Indian Medical Center or other contract care hospitals. Ground and air transportation are available for emergency care.

Bylas Health Center

Located 28 miles east of San Carlos, the 40-hour ambulatory Bylas Health Center is staffed by a physician and ancillary staff. Bylas Health Center provides outpatient urgent care and community outreach programs.

Community Health Services

Our sense of caring is our motivation to provide quality health care. We offer community programs including public health nursing, social services, mental health, substance abuse, health education, environmental health, and nutritional services.

This land is a part of the Apaches. Soon you begin to feel you belong here, too. You will discover almost no limits to what you can accomplish. The reservation offers all the room you need.

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