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Phoenix Area

Hopi Service Unit

Hopi Health Care Center
PHS Indian Health Services
P.O. Box 4000
Polacca, Arizona 86042
Phone: (928) 737-6000

Hopi Health Care Center

Lofty, windswept mesas and mystic sandstone spires all etched by the forces of time. Ancient cliff dwellings tell the history of a civilization born from the desert plateaus. Feel the spirit of those who walked this land before you. This is the land of the Hopi and Navajo Indians in northeastern Arizona.

The Hopi and Navajo Indians

The Hopi people have lived in this area for more than a thousand years. Their village of Old Oraibi, is the oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States. While deeply bound to their rich heritage, most Hopi tribal members have adopted contemporary lifestyles and are bilingual.

The Hopi Reservation is surrounded by the much larger Navajo Reservation. The past mingles with the present in the style of dress and the daily practices of many traditional Navajos. Often, the older patients do not speak English and interpreters are necessary.

On both reservations, traditional healing continues to be a respected part of the culture. These and other traditions make providing health care at the Hopi Health Care Center a uniquely challenging and rewarding experience.

Polacca, Arizona

The Hopi Health Care Center is located on the Hopi Reservation and serves approximately 7,000 people from both tribes. This Service Unit site was selected for its central accessibility, where most residents can reach the Center within 30-45 minutes.

Basic supplies are available from small grocery stores and Trading Posts on the reservations. The cities of Winslow, Holbrook and Flagstaff are approximately 80 to 125 miles from the Center, and offer most products and services you will need.

Tribal housing (called Walpi housing) is available for most professional staff and is within walking distance to the Center. Additional Government housing for overflow staff is located 11 miles from the Center.

Polacca offers a pleasant climate in a high desert setting. With an elevation of 6,000 feet, the area is known for comfortable 70-90 degree summer temperatures, and winter temperatures ranging from 10-40 degrees.

You and your family will have ample sunshine to enjoy the many splendors of northeastern Arizona. Attend Hopi traditional ceremonies. Take a tour or hike to the bottom of Canyon de Chelly National Monument and view its haunting ruins. Or grab your skis and head for the states highest mountain in Flagstaff. Stand at Four Corners and visit four states all at once.

Go fishing or boating at spectacular Lake Powell by the Arizona/Utah border. Drive into Monument Valley and see breathtaking testaments to time. Although your first priority is health care, your choices for recreation are virtually limitless.

Hopi Health Care Center

As a member of a JCAHO accredited, Critical Access Hospital, you can take pride in providing innovative health care services. Our ambulatory care setting offers primary and preventative medical services; with the facility offering a 2-bed birthing unit, a 4-bed Med/Surg adult/ped unit support by a staff of 12 physicians and 3 physician extenders. We provide general family medical care, surgical follow-up, pediatric and obstetric services. An eye clinic, staffed by 2 optometrists, provides refraction and general eye care. 7 dentists stationed at the Center and at a satellite clinic provide dental services. Major trauma, acute surgical emergencies and high-risk obstetric patients are transported to Tuba City Indian Medical Hospital, Chinle Hospital, Phoenix Indian Medical Center or to several contracted health facilities.


This Paiute tribal group, located approximately 250 miles northeast of Polacca, is also part of the Keams Canyon Service Unit and receives health care through contracts.

Community Health Services

As old customs conflict with modern ways, health problems that did not previously exist now appear within the members of the community. Therefore, our community services must address a wide range of health needs. These include public health nursing, nutritional services, social services, mental health services, substance abuse, health education and environmental health services.

As the spirit of the ancient ones remain, so too will our spirit of caring surround you. Your involvement in the Hopi Health Care Center will make a difference in the lives of people, where their lives also touches yours. (gsa15-02, rev 5/03 )

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