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TV and Video

"Transitions is our new public service announcement being broadcast on television stations across the country.
To see the video, click the link below. The video is 60 seconds.

Transitions Transcript:


[Man puts suitcase on top of car] Travel advisories to

[Inflated blue gorilla holding "Open" sign] small business loans

[Overhead shot of man putting a golf ball]Retirement savings to

[Pharmacist pushing pill into box] Medicare coverage

[Man swiping credit card to pay] ID theft protection to

[Woman in skirt walks with letter to representative]contacting elected officials

[Shot of the library] Student loans to

[Opening a laptop] taxes online

[ homepage] Whether you have information to get or ideas to give

[Someone typing idea into text box] is the official place to connect with your government.

[Women slides car seat back] From surplus car auctions to

[Women pushes back her desk chair] finding a new job

[Smart phone with on screen] our new mobile apps wil keep you updated on the go.

[Scene from wedding reception] So from marriage records to

[View of Eiffel Tower] passport applications

[Veteran takes off his hat] veterans' benefits to

[Mom holds a baby] birth certificates

[Drawing on a napkin] patent applications to

[Energy effecient light bulb] energy-saving ideas

[Person returns package at post office] product recalls to

[Person takes box out of moving truck] home-buying tips

[Overhead shot of busy intersection] check out

[ logo] Because the country runs better when we stay connected.


Listen to the announcement (duration is 60 seconds).

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Transcript for "Leads To Another"


You, my friend have connections in government. Yes, you -- The official source of government information on thousands of topics. And like any good connection, there's no telling where it can take you.

Why one day you're getting student loan information, next thing you know, you need job-hunting tips. Today's road construction info could have you searching for telecommuting ideas tomorrow.

The more you use, the more uses you'll find for it. Passport applications, for example. They've been known to lead to a sudden interest in travel advisories. Our new mobile apps will even update you on the go.

So whether you have information to get or ideas to give your government, check out Who knows, lottery results today could lead to retirement planning tomorrow. With the right connections, there's no telling where you can go.

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