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Winning Slogans for Annual Neuroscience Meetings

Winning Slogan: Connecting Hemispheres! 2011 - Washington D.C. Lanette Palmquist
Winning Slogan: Short-Circuit Addiction! 2010 - San Diego, California Beth Babecki
Winning Slogan: Stars, Stripes and Astrocytes 2009 - Chicago, Illinois David Shurtleff
Winning Slogan: Stars, Stripes and Astrocytes 2008 - Washington D.C. Dave Anderson
Winning Slogan: Capitolize on NIDA Neuroscience 2005 - Washington D.C. Contest not held. Slogan from Joan Nolan
Winning Slogan: Dive into NIDA Neuroscience 2004 - San Diego, California Lanette Palmquist
Winning Slogan: Neuroscience on the Delta 2003 - New Orleans, Louisianna Dave McCann
Winning Slogan: Experience the Magic of Neuroscience 2002 - Orlando, Florida Kristine Lyons & Zofi Graczyk
Winning Slogan: Wild About Neuroscience 2001 - San Diego, California Kristine Lyons
Winning Slogan: Brains on the Bayou 2000 - New Orleans, Louisianna Keith Van Wagner & Michelle Whitmer
Winning Slogan: Catch the Wave 1999 - Miami, Florida Christie Baxter & Tina Bennett
Winning Slogan: Lights, Camera, Axons 1998 - Los Angeles, California Dave Shurtleff
Winning Slogan: Neuroscience and all that Jazz 1997 - New Orleans, Louisianna Karen Skinner
Winning Slogan: Craving Neuroscience 1996 - Washington D.C. Lynda Erinoff & Beth Babecki
Winning Slogan: This is Your Brain on Neuroscience 1995 - San Diego, California Earle Stalfort & John Hamill
Winning Slogan: Just Say... Neuroscience 1994 - Miami, Florida Earle Stalfort
Winning Slogan: High on Neuroscience 1993 - Washington D.C. Chris Hartel

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Featured Publication

Featured Publication

Drugs, Brains, and Behavior - The Science of Addiction

As a result of scientific research, we know that addiction is a disease that affects both brain and behavior.

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