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Partner With Us

Whether you're in rural America, in the inner city, or somewhere in between, you can help parents and youth in your community lead healthier lives by becoming a
We Can!
® community site, City/County, or national partner.

What's the difference between these categories?

  • A community site is a local group or organization that registers with the NIH and makes a commitment to run We Can! programming for parents/caregivers and children/youth, spreading the messages of improving nutrition, increasing physical activity, and reducing screen time to stay at a healthy weight. There are three levels of community site involvement, from the General Community Sites (requiring a small number of activities), to the Intensive Community Sites (requiring a medium activity level), to the We Can! City/County program (requiring the greatest number of activities).
  • A national partner is a federal agency, nonprofit organization, professional association, corporation, or other entity that wishes to utilize its communication channels and other infrastructure to extend the messaging and reach of We Can! programs. Read more about becoming a National Partner.

Not ready to officially partner with us? There are other ways to make a difference, too. You can share our tools and resources with your colleagues, and help your own family by learning more about eating right, increasing physical activity, and reducing screen time.

If you're a health care professional or provider, you can also use our resources to help your patients.

Last Updated: May 8, 2012

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