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Eunice Kennedy Shriver
National Institute of Child Health & Human Development

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Milk Matters for Kids
Hi Kids! My name is Bo Vine. I'm Here to help you learn about why Milk Matters for your health!

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Do you think that calcium isn't important for you? Think again! You need calcium now more than any other time in your life.

The games and activities on this page will help you to learn more about calcium, and why it’s important for strong bones and healthy teeth. You’ll also find out how much calcium you need every day, and what foods you can eat to get calcium.

Let's get started!
The Great Escape The Great Escape
Help Bo escape the farm and make it to the Great Calcium Fair! You can read game tips for additional help. You can also read the story.
The Great Escape Maze The Great Escape Maze
Maze 1 (PDF - 183 KB)
Maze 2 (PDF - 186 KB)
Maze 3 (PDF - 170 KB)
Print out a maze and help Bo make it to the Great calcium Fair! Three levels to try.
Cow Bop Game Cow Bop Game
Use Bo to "bop" the calcium-rich foods and earn points.
Milk Matters with Buddy Brush Milk Matters with Buddy Brush (PDF - 519 KB)
¡Salud! Con Leche y el Amiquito Cephillito (PDF - 3.5 MB)
Download a fun coloring book about the importance of calcium for building strong teeth and a healthy body for children ages 4-8.
Milk Matters Coloring Pages Milk Matters Coloring Pages
Print and color a picture of Bo with her farmyard friends (PDF 145 - KB), capturing some foods with calcium (PDF - 272 KB), on the run to the Fair (PDF - 251 KB) or jumping to grab a glass of milk (PDF - 110 KB).
Milk Matters Puzzle Milk Matters Puzzle
Why Calcium? Help find the answer and discover the hidden image!
Word Decoder Word Decoder (PDF - 138 KB)
Help Bo crack the code by printing out this page, naming each picture, then transferring the numbers to the secret message.
Word Search Word Search (PDF - 683 KB)
Can you help Bo find the hidden words? Print this page, then find and circle them!
Word Scramble Word Scramble (PDF - 371 KB)
Print out this page and help Bo unscramble the scrambled words about food and healthy bones!
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