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It was getting to the point where I was going to lose my teeth. This root canal was a blessing . . .totally painless.   Bernard Ayres, Access to Care Event Participant
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I was really nervous, but the endodontists were so gentle and told me exactly what they were going to do. I didn’t feel a thing.   Chrystal Stroud, Access to Care Event Participant
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If you go to an endodontist to have a root canal, I would say go that route. Root canals are better than having your teeth taken out.   Abdu'l Shakur, Access to Care Event Participant
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I thought having a root canal was going to hurt and it didn’t. It was like getting a long filling and I didn’t feel any pain at all.   Alisa Norrup, Access to Care Event Participant

Journal of Endodontics

Official Journal of the AAE
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  • Canal Configuration in the Mesiobuccal Root of the Maxillary First Molar and Its Endodontic Significance
  • Effect of Different Apical Preparation Sizes on Outcome of Primary Endodontic Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Lesion Progression in Post-Treatment Persistent Endodontic Lesions
Message From the President 
Feature Stories
AAE Offers First-Ever Practice Marketing Webinars

Mastering Your Marketing is an exclusive, members-only interactive webinar series to help you build your practice through increased referrals. Join the AAE and Ketchum, PRWEEK’s 2012 PR Agency of the Year, and discover proven methods for developing your practice marketing. Experts will take you step-by-step using the AAE’s Professional Outreach Toolkit to assess, evaluate, develop and execute marketing programs aimed at building relationships with general dentists and increasing referrals. Participants can earn up to six hours of continuing education credits. 

AAE Past President Passes Away 

Donald ArensWe are saddened to inform everyone that Dr. Donald E. Arens of Indianapolis, Ind., has passed away. A member since 1961, he served as president from 1983-1984. Dr. Arens was a professor emeritus in the endodontics department at Indiana University, a founding member and first president of the Harry J. Healey Study Club, as well as actively involved in the International Federation of Endodontic Associations. He authored or coauthored numerous journal articles and textbook chapters. Dr. Arens received his D.D.S. from Indiana University in 1959, and his M.S.D. and Certificate in Endodontics from the same institution in 1972. Please view and sign the online guestbook.


AAE-AAPD Joint Symposium

The AAE, along with the AAPD, are holding a joint symposium on trauma in lieu of a Fall Conference in 2012....more

Glossary of Endodontic Terms

Welcome to the 2012 edition of the American Association of Endodontists' Glossary of Endodontic Terms . The revised glossary was developed by an AAE Special Committee of full-time educators and approved by the AAE Board of Directors. This is the eighth edition of the glossary. The AAE is deeply grateful to all the...more

Treatment Planning Options

Tough cases don’t have to mean extracted teeth—many endodontic treatments can save the natural tooth for a lifetime. The AAE Treatment Options for the Compromised Tooth Guide helps you evaluate a variety of conditions....more

Considerations for Regenerative Procedures

Considerations for regenerative procedures that are based on best available data at this time and should be one possible source of information used by clinicians to make treatment decisions....more


A compilation of historical material about the specialty and the AAE, gathered from the Headquarters, members, institutions and others, is now available to members....more


ADA Supports Sugary Beverage Study

Dentists thanked U.S. senators calling for a Surgeon General’s study of sugary beverage impact on public health and are concerned with the number of sugar-sweetened beverages being consumed by Americans....more

AAE Responds to JADA Article on Endodontic Outcomes

AAE President Dr. Kulild and member Dr. Stanislav Moline both wrote letters to the author of a JADA article about endodontic outcomes and both were published in the September issue of JADA....more

North Carolina Opening Many Clinics

The East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine opened its first Community Service Learning Center in June and plans to  build 10 centers across the state, with the goal of having fourth-year dental students and dental residents staff the centers, hone their patient care techniques and learn how to operate a community practice under the supervision of faculty....more

More Trust in Dentists Than Doctors in UK

In the U.K., a new study shows that the public has a very high level of trust in their dentists; even higher than their doctors. The survey also shows that twice as many people value their relationship with their dentist over their doctor.  


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