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The AHRQ Electronic Newsletter is issued periodically and summarizes Agency research and programmatic activities.

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Date   Top Story
9/11/12 AHRQ Patient Safety Project Reduces Bloodstream Infections by 40 Percent
8/29/12 Health IT Enables Quality Measurement, but Obstacles Remain
8/23/12 AHRQ Study Examines Adverse Drug Events Caused by Medication Administration Errors
8/10/12 AHRQ Releases Training Modules to Help Improve Safety in Nursing Homes
7/23/12 AHRQ Handbook Helps Physician Practices Implement Interactive Preventive Health Records
7/13/12 Clinician and Patient Resources Now Available on ADHD Treatment Options
7/6/12 AHRQ 2012 Annual Conference Registration Now Open
6/27/12 AHRQ Releases 2011 State Snapshots
6/14/12 AHRQ Report Examines Patient and Family Engagement Activities
6/8/12 AHRQ Toolsets Available to Help Pharmacists and Physicians Implement E-Prescribing
6/1/12 New AHRQ Report Finds Teamwork and Follow-Up as Strengths of Medical Offices but Work Pressure and Pace are Problematic
5/14/12 AHRQ-Funded Study Finds Patient Characteristics and Preferences Can Impact the Use of Patient Portals
5/4/12 New Web Videonovela Series Helps Spanish-Speaking Patients Compare Treatments for Diabetes
4/25/12 AHRQ Reports Find Cardiac Care Is Improving But Quality and Access Still Lag for Many Americans
4/10/12 Muscle Training Effective in Treating Urinary Incontinence for Women
3/28/12 AHRQ Evidence Review Addresses Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in Orthopedic Surgery
3/13/12 Study Finds Consumers Choose High-Value Health Care Providers When Given Good Cost and Quality Information
3/2/12 AHRQ Research Summaries for Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring Now Available
2/17/12 Bone Marrow Transplant is Beneficial for Some Rare Childhood Diseases
2/8/12 New AHRQ Toolkit Supports Hospital Efforts To Improve Quality and Safety
1/27/12 Wheeled Mobility Service Delivery Review Highlights Need for Research
1/10/12 New Patient-Centered Medical Home Brief and White Paper Now Available
12/16/11 New AHRQ Evidence Report on Active Surveillance Therapy for Localized Prostate Cancer Now Available
12/9/11 AHRQ Releases New Medication Reconciliation Tool for Hospitals
12/2/11 New Study Finds E-Prescribing Is Safe and Efficient, but Barriers Remain
11/18/11 New AHRQ Campaign Encourages Hispanics to Work with Their Doctors to Make the Best Treatment Decisions
11/10/11 AHRQ Awards $34 Million To Expand Fight Against Healthcare-Associated Infections
10/28/11 Report Finds Parent Training Effective for Treating Young Children with ADHD
10/21/11 Birth Defects May Be Linked to High Blood Pressure, Not Use of ACE Inhibitors in Early Pregnancy
9/29/11 Report Finds Off-Label Use of Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs Not Supported By Evidence for Some Conditions
9/15/11 Updated Report Highlights Hospitals' Progress in Reducing Bloodstream Infections
8/19/11 New Spanish-language Guides Help Consumers with Treatments for Common Illnesses
8/12/11 Nighttime-Breathing Treatments Backed by Strongest Evidence Among Options to Treat Sleep Apnea
7/22/11 AHRQ Releases MONAHRQ Version 2.0
7/18/11 Updated Effective Health Care Guides on Safety of Oral Diabetes Medications for Adults With Type 2 Diabetes are Available
7/1/11 New Ad Campaign Urges Patients To Consider Medical Treatment Options
6/17/11 Opportunities for Advancing Delivery System Research: AHRQ Meeting Summary Available Online
6/10/11 Health Care Quality Gaps and Disparities Persist in Every State
5/27/11 AHRQ, Ad Council Launch Conozca las preguntas Campaign
5/20/11 HHS Releases New Online Patient Safety Training Resources for Clinicians and Patient Advocates
5/12/11 ICUs in Michigan Sustain Zero Blood Stream Infections for Up to 2 Years
4/28/11 AHRQ Director Participates in Kaiser Family Foundation Webcast on Health Disparities
4/21/11 Partnership for Patients to Improve Care and Lower Costs for Americans
4/14/11 Treatments Show Promise in Reducing Autism-related Behaviors, But Some Have Significant Side Effects
3/31/11 Low Health Literacy Linked to Higher Risk of Death and More Emergency Room Visits and Hospitalizations
3/17/11 HHS Secretary Released the National Strategy for Quality Improvement in Health Care Report
3/10/11 Health Care Quality Still Improving Slowly, But Disparities and Gaps in Access to Care Persist
2/18/11 Rates of Pneumonia Dramatically Reduced in Patients on Ventilators in Michigan Intensive Care Units
2/10/11 Landmark Initiative to Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections Cuts Deaths among Medicare Patients in Michigan Intensive Care Units
1/28/11 AHRQ's Effective Health Care Program Technical Brief on Stroke Care Is Available
1/21/11 Routine Osteoporosis Screening Recommended for All Women Over Age 65
1/7/11 National Awards Program to Recognize Achievements in Eliminating Healthcare-Associated Infections
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12/17/10 HHS Issues New Strategic Framework on Multiple Chronic Conditions
11/18/10 AHRQ Begins Project to Develop a Registry of Patient Registries Database
10/22/10 AHRQ Awards $34 Million to Expand Fight against Healthcare-Associated Infections
10/28/10 Hospitalizations for Medication and Illicit Drug-Related Conditions on the Rise Among Americans Ages 45 and Older
10/22/10 New Health IT Common Format for Adverse Event Reporting
10/14/10 Human Growth Hormone Shows Promise in treating Cystic Fibrosis Symptoms
10/1/10 HHS Awards $473 Million in Patient-centered Outcomes Research Funding
9/24/10 AHRQ Annual Conference to Webcast the Plenary Sessions
9/17/10 HHS Seeks Comments on National Health Care Quality Strategy and Plan
9/9/10 AHRQ Releases New Spanish-Language Guides for Patients
8/26/10 Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque Technical Brief Is Available
8/12/10 Risks, Benefits of Emerging Heart Valve Replacement Technique Not Fully Understood
8/2/10 AHRQ State Snapshots Expanded to Include New Data on Health Insurance Coverage
5/21/10 Annual Quality and Disparities Reports Include Data on Rates of Patient Safety, Obesity and Health Insurance Improved
3/25/10 Task Force Releases Screening Recommendations for Obesity in Kids and Teens
2/26/10 New AHRQ Funding Opportunity Announcements for Comparative Effectiveness Delivery System Research Released
1/29/10 AHRQ Seeks Nominations for the Effective Health Care Stakeholder Group
1/6/10 New AHRQ Study Finds Failure to Order Needed Tests a Leading Cause of Diagnostic Errors
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10/26/09 HHS Awards $17 Million in a New National Initiative to Fight Health Care-Associated Infections
10/1/09 Task Force Finds Insufficient Evidence for Screening for Newborn Jaundice to Prevent a More Serious Chronic Condition
9/23/09 Medications effective in reducing risk of breast cancer but increase risk of adverse effects
9/11/09 Second meeting of the Subcommittee on Quality Measures for Children's Healthcare in Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program
8/20/09 AHRQ Issues Notice of Intent for Comparative Effectiveness Grants and Contracts Under the Recovery Act
8/5/09 New Spanish-language Consumer Guides Compare Treatments for Depression, Prostate Cancer and Other Conditions
7/23/09 HHS Secretary Sebelius Releases New AHRQ Nationwide Emergency Department Sample Data
6/24/09 Value of Genetic Testing for Preventing Blood Clots Unproven
6/9/09 AHRQ Report Finds Most Staff Not Reporting Medical Errors in Hospitals
5/13/09 HHS Secretary Sebelius Highlights AHRQ Reports on Health Care Quality and Disparities
4/21/09 AHRQ and Ad Council Encourage Consumers to Ask Questions and Get More Involved in Their Health Care
3/31/09 AHRQ-Funded Study Finds Lower Risk of Death and Heart Attack in Patients with Drug-Coated Stent Implants Compared to Those with Bare Metal Stents
3/16/09 AHRQ Announces New Members of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
3/3/09 10-State Project to Study Methods to Reduce Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections in Hospital ICUs
2/9/09 Educating Patients Before They Leave the Hospital Reduces Readmissions, Emergency Department Visits and Saves Money
1/16/09 Use of Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs Increases Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death in Adults
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