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Over the past decade, a number of child support programs have demonstrated that a range of innovative strategies, customer-focused services and advanced technology can improve the reliability of child support payments, particularly for low-income families.  Collecting support every month depends on employment for noncustodial parents, cooperation between parents, and the parents’ emotional connection with their children. Click on each bubble in the chart to explore family-centered strategies.

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Help for Families

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Handbook on Child Support - Answers to Your Questions

A guide to help you get the child support payments your child needs and deserves

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Nuestros Hijos, Nuestra Responsabilidad

Una guía para ayudarle a obtener los pagos de mantención de menores lo que sus hijos necesitan y merecen

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers on how to get, change or enforce a child support order and more

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State and Tribal Child Support Agency Contacts

Get help with your case or learn how to apply for child support

Quick Fact

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Incarcerated women

Nationwide are mothers of minor children, according to the National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women. A recent  publication reveals ten truths that matter when working with "justice involved" women.

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