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Pap Test

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Get Tested for Cervical Cancer: Quick Guide to Healthy Living

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You can help prevent cervical cancer by getting regular screening tests (called Pap tests) and follow-up care.... Details >

National Health Information Center, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Cervical Cancer Screening (PDQ®)

Studies show that screening for cervical cancer helps decrease the number of deaths from the disease. A Pap test is commonly used to screen for cervical cancer. Learn more about the Pap test here. ... Details >

National Cancer Institute

Fact or Fiction: Pregnancy Prevention  External Link

There are so many myths about preventing pregnancy. These videos set the record straight.... Details >

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation  External Link

Find a Screening Provider Near You: National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program

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Search for free and low-cost screenings in your state—use the interactive map to find local contacts for breast and cervical cancer screening.... Details >

Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Free or Low-Cost Mammogram and Pap Test

Locate a National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program near you that offers free or low-cost breast and cervical cancer screening services.... Details >

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

HPV/Cervical Cancer Overview  External Link

This page provides answers to questions about the HPV Vaccine. Get your regular Pap test, even if you have received the HPV/cervical cancer vaccine. ... Details >

National Cervical Cancer Coalition  External Link

Pap Smear: Still Necessary After Hysterectomy?  External Link

If you had a total hysterectomy for a noncancerous condition, you may be able to stop having Pap smears. Ask your doctor what's best for you. ... Details >

Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research  External Link

Pap Test Fact Sheet

Also available in: Spanish 

Why do I need a Pap test? How often do I need to have a Pap test? I don't have health insurance, how can I get a free or low-cost Pap test? Read on to find the answers to these questions, and more.... Details >

Office on Women's Health

Prevention of Cervical Cancer - the Pap Test  External Link

Also available in: Chinese-Traditional   External Link

It is possible to prevent or cure cervical cancer by removing the abnormal cells before they become cancerous. The pap test is a very effective screening method used in the prevention of cervical canc... Details >

FCMS International Office  External Link

Questions and Answers about the Pap Test

Also available in: Spanish 

A fact sheet that describes the Pap test procedure, possible results, and the link between HPV and cervical cancer.... Details >

National Cancer Institute