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Whiteriver Service Unit

Whiteriver Service Unit
Whiteriver PHS Indian Hospital
P.O. Box 860
Whiteriver, Arizona 85941
Phone: (928) 338-4911

Whiteriver Hospital

Hundreds of miles of lakes and rivers teeming with fish. Winding mountain ski trails powdered with shimmering snow. Enter a land of proud heritage and history. This is White Mountain Apache Indian country in east central Arizona.

The White Mountain Apache Indians

One of the most colorful of the Indian tribes, the Apaches are deeply religious people and have preserved many of their customs. Contemporary versions of rodeos and ceremonials complement their traditions. Diagnostic and curing rituals are also still practiced.

Most of the Apache people are bilingual and share an entrepreneurial spirit. The tribe operates the highly popular Sunrise ski resort in the White Mountains, as well as a timber company in Whiteriver.

The White Mountain tribe is dedicated to helping their people. They will welcome your expertise and dedication in their community.


The hospital is located about three miles north of Whiteriver and serves approximately 17,000 tribal members and other Native American communities around the area. Residents to the northwest are served through the Cibecue Health Center, fifty miles from Whiteriver.

Whiteriver is within 20 to 30 miles from the resort towns of Pinetop, Lakeside and Show Low. Here, you will find a full range of shopping options, as well as entertainment and recreational activities.

Ranging from mid-desert in the lower elevations to more than 11,001 feet in the mountains, this region offers a four-season climate. Whiteriver and Cibecue are above 5,000 feet, and maintain pleasant 75 to 95 degree temperatures in the summer and 40 to 55 degrees in the winter.

This climate puts the best of Arizona right at your doorstep. Heavy winter snowfalls make mountain skiing a delight. Summer rains cause the forests to come alive with verdant beauty.

Take the family to a different campsite every weekend. Drive the twisting roads of the Salt River Canyon. Marvel at the Mogollon Rim, a vast geological fault. Cast your line in a lake that mirrors the pines. Head north to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Park. You have the time to practice your profession and work at having fun.

Whiteriver Hospital

Professionals like you come here from around the country to provide quality health care. This JCAHO-accredited hospital is staffed by 22 physicians, podiatrist, five nurse practitioners, five dentists, two optometrists, and about 79 nursing staff members. The hospital is a 45-bed facility.

We provide general medical, pediatrics, alcohol treatment, obstetric services and ambulatory surgery. Patients requiring inpatient surgical procedures and complex medical care are referred to Phoenix Indian Medical Center or contract-care hospitals.Ground and air transport are available. The Whiteriver Hospital is also the base for major research projects that include gastroenteritis and pneumococcal diseases.

Cibecue Health Center

Approximately 50 miles northwest, this health center is staffed by two physicians and one dentist, and provides outpatient, urgent care and dental services to the communities of Cibecue and Carrizo. These services receive support from the White Mountain Apache Tribal Emergency Medical Services program.

Community Health Services

Because we are committed to caring, we reach out to help everyone in the community. The programs we offer include public health nursing, social services, mental health, substance abuse, health education, environmental health and nutritional services.

At the root of the White Mountain Apache religion is the belief in the well-being of the people. When you enter these lands, you become part of the community. Your contribution to good health is a gesture of your concern and friendship.

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