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Welcome from the Rocky Boy Tribal Health

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Rocky Boy Tribal Health building Small communities are spread across the reservation, Rocky Boy’s Agency area and in Box Elder. They are tiny and limited for services. Approximately 27 miles north of the reservation is the town of Havre, Montana, where one can find modern shopping, chain supermarkets, gas stations and so on. Havre also has quite comfortable and affordable housing.

The Tribal Health & Human Services are located in the Rocky Boy Agency area.

Contact Information

Rocky Boy Tribal Health
P.O. Box 664
Box Elder, Montana 59521
Main: (406) 395-4486

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Services Offered

  • Community Health Nursing (HIV Counseling/Testing, Prenatal/Newborn Services, Immunizations, PAP/Mammogram Screening, Cardiovascular Disease Screening, Pandemic Influenza Planning, Communicable Disease Tracking)
  • Outpatient Clinic (Medical, Dental, Optometry, Mental Health, Lab/Xray, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy). AAAHC accredited.
  • On site Contracted Services (Podiatry, Audiology)
  • Outpatient Chemical Dependency Services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Diabetes Program
  • Contract Health Services and Third Party Billing
  • Community Health Representatives
  • Environmental Health and Engineering
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • WIC
  • Wellness Program – Exercise Center

Other Services:

  • Transportation for off reservation medical appointments
  • Medical assistance programs (Alternate Resources, Personnel Care Attendants)
  • CHR Cancer Screening Program
  • Traditional medicine through medicine men
  • Utilities and Roads

Chippewa Cree Clinic Phone: 406-395-4486
CHR Program Phone: 406-395-4064
Diabetes Program Phone: 406-395-4418
EMS Phone: 406-395-4374
Environmental Health Phone: 406-395-4490
Tribal Health Board Phone: 406-395-4282
Utilities Phone: 406-395-4344
Wellness Center Phone: 406-395-5331
White Sky Hope Center Phone: 406-395-4818
WIC Program Phone: 406-395-4702

Housing is located near the clinic complex. Availability fluctuates depending on vacancy. Housing is assigned on an individual basis. The homes are two and three bedroom homes. All are within walking distance of the clinic. Occupants are responsible for rent and utility costs.

Staff also can elect to live in Havre which is 27 miles north of Rocky Boy. Local realtors in this community can be contacted regarding rentals or purchase of homes.

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Community Information


Early Headstart, Headstart, and grades K-12 are available on the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, and are also available in both Box Elder and the off-reservation city of Havre, MT. The Stone Child Community College at the Rocky Boy’s Agency offers post-high school studies and associate degrees. Another option for those who choose to further their education is Montana State University-Northern in Havre.

Box Elder Public Schools
Superintendent’s Office Phone: 406-352-4195
Box Elder Elementary Phone: 406-352-4955
Box Elder Junior High Phone: 406-352-4195
Box Elder High School Phone: 406-352-4195

Havre Public Schools
Superintendent’s Office Phone: 406-265-4356
Havre Middle School Phone: 406-265-9613
Highland Park School Phone: 406-265-5554
Lincoln-McKinley School Phone: 406-265-9619
Sunnyside School Phone: 406-265-9671
Havre High School Phone: 406-265-6731

Rocky Boy Public Schools
Superintendent’s Office Phone: 406-395-4291
Rocky Boy Elementary Phone: 406-395-4474
Rocky Boy Junior High Phone: 406-395-4270
Rocky Boy High School Phone: 406-395-4270

Early Headstart and Headstart Phone: 406-395-4690

Tribal College
Stonechild College
Phone: 406-395-4875
Website http://www.montana.edu/wwwscc/index.html Exit Disclaimer – You Are Leaving www.ihs.gov

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Chippewa Cree Tribe

The Chippewa and Cree have come from two powerful nations of the American Continent. Each Tribe has come together to form the present day Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation. This reservation was created for the Chippewa and Cree to live and enjoy this country, to maintain our language, culture, traditions and values. Also, to accept the modern qualities that would prosper the Tribe in the future.

Visit the Chippewa Cree Tribe Website Exit Disclaimer – You Are Leaving www.ihs.gov

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