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October 16, 2012
NIH Science Events
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012
CME Credit8:30 am Fall 2012 NCI CTEP Early Drug Development Meeting; Please visit website; Building 45 (Natcher Building); Contact Info: (301) 496-1196 or 301-228-4141;
CME Credit10:30 am NINDS Grand Rounds, 10:30 am Case Presentation: "A Patient With "Grinch Heart"-David Goldstein, MD, PhD; 11:00am Lecture:"Willie Sutton's Getaway Car: Biomarkers, Mechanisms, and Potential Prevention of Catecholamine Neuronal Loss In Parkinson Disease"-David Goldstein, MD, PhD; David Goldstein, MD, PhD, Chief, Clinical Neurocardiology Section; 10; LIPSETT; Contact Info: 301-496-4393;
11:00 am Igniting the CD8 T cell response; John T. Harty, Mark Stinski Chair in Microbial Immunology, University of Iowa; Twinbrook II Building; 200H; Contact Info: 301-496-9266;
Videocast Event12:30 pm Chromatin remodeling and repair factors responding to genome-specific oxidative damage by KillerRed (Origin: Pitt).; Dr Li Lan, Univ of Pittsburgh; Building 45 (Natcher Building); H; Contact Info: 301-496-9033 or 410-558-8162;
2:00 pm NIH CRM / SCIG Stem Cell Seminar: Chromosome and Chromatin Stability In Bone-marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells During In Vitro Expansion; Deborah Hursh, PhD, Senior Investigator, Food and Drug Administration; Building 50; 1227; Contact Info: 301-402-6956;
4:00 pm CLIC4 regulates carcinogenesis in a TGF-beta context dependent manner ; Dr. Anjali Shukla, Research Fellow, LCBG/NCI; Building 37; 2041; Contact Info: 301-496-5453;

Other Events
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012
9:00 am ECB Basic Data Administration; Paul Jordan, OD; Fernwood Building; 1NW02; Contact Info: 301-594-6248
10:00 am NIH Library Resource Training - Make the Cloud Work for You: Access Your Files from Anywhere (Hands on); Staff NIH Library; Building 10 (Clinical Center); NIH Library Training Room ; Contact Info: 301-496-1080;
2:00 pm Can Global Health Research Add Value to Cancer Prevention and Control: A View from Fogarty; Roger I. Glass, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Fogarty International Center; Neuroscience Center Building; Conference Room D; Contact Info: 301-451-1445;
2:00 pm Microsoft OCS Lync 2010; Linda Haynes-Jackson, CIT; Fernwood Building; 1NW02; Contact Info: 301-594-6248

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