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Close Date Opportunity Title Agency Funding Number
07/17/2008   US-China Clean Energy Partnership   Thailand USAID-Bangkok   USAID-RDMA-CHINA-486-08-008-RFA  
05/19/2009   Recovery Act - Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-FOA-0000026  
01/29/2010   Request for Information and Notice of Pre-Solicitation Workshop for Hydrogen Fuel Cells   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000225  
03/05/2010   Enhancing Short Term Wind Energy Forecasting for Improved Utility Operations   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000280  
03/22/2010   Weatherization Assistance Program Sustainable Energy Resources for Consumers Grants   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000283  
04/02/2010   Request for Information (RFI) Solar Demonstration Zone Project   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000303  
04/15/2010   Notice of Intent to Issue a FOA for the Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Readiness Advancement Initiative   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000310  
04/20/2010   CO2 Utilization   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-FOA-0000253  
04/30/2010   National Electric Sectory Cyber Security Organization   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-FOA-0000245  
05/06/2010   Industrial Technologies Program Superior Energy Performance Program Administrator Technical Assistance   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000246  
06/02/2010   Weatherization Innovation Pilot Program   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000309  
06/07/2010   Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Readiness Advancement Initiative   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000293  
06/24/2010   Smart Grid Research and Development   National Energy Technology Laboratory   DE-FOA-0000313  
06/30/2010   National Laser User's Program   NNSA   DE-FOA-0000358  
06/30/2010   Request for Information on Portable Power Fuel Cell Targets   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000373  
07/09/2010   DE-FOA-0000318 Geothermal Energy Production from (A) Low-Temperature Resources, (B) Coproduced Fluids, and (C) Geopressured Resources   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000318  
07/09/2010   Upgrading of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Oil (Bio-oil)   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000342  
07/09/2010   Innovation Ecosystem Development Initiative   Oak Ridge Office   DE-FOA-0000356  
07/13/2010   Biomass Research and Development Initiative   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000341  
07/13/2010   Enhancing Short Term Wind Energy Forecasting for Increased Utility Operations   Golden Field Office   DE-FOA-0000343  

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