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Close Date Opportunity Title Agency Funding Number
04/28/2008   Enabling Quality, Access and Transparency in Education for Senegal   Senegal USAID-Dakar   USAID-SENEGAL-685-08-A-005-RFA  
07/15/2008   DHS Scientific Leadership Awards for Minority Serving Institutions   Office of Procurement Operations - Grants Division   DHS-08-ST-062-002  
09/02/2008   Preparation of Leadership Personnel CFDA 84.325D   Department of Education   ED-GRANTS-072108-001  
09/09/2008   Combined Personnel Preparation CFDA 84.325K   Department of Education   ED-GRANTS-072108-002  
09/17/2008   ASA Conference Assistance   Fish and Wildlife Service   FWS-ASASUMMIT-FY09  
09/17/2008   Conference Assistance   Fish and Wildlife Service   FWS-IGFA-WRFC-FY09  
09/19/2008   Special Education Preservice Program Improvement Grants CFDA 84.325T   Department of Education   ED-GRANTS-072108-003  
02/27/2009   BLM CA BAKERSFIELD SAN JOAQUIN RIVER GORGE   Department of the Interior   BLM-CA-NOI-09-0002  
04/10/2010   Test     TST-TK-020809  
05/14/2010   Minor Use Minor Species Development of Drugs; Research Project Grant (R01)   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FD-10-001  
05/20/2010   New Mexico Challenge Cost Share Program for FY 2010   Bureau of Land Management   L10AS00040  
06/01/2010   Modeling Current and Future Distributions of Targeted Species   Bureau of Land Management   L10AS00096  
06/11/2010   Food Safety and Security Monitoring Project (U18), FERN Radiological Health Laboratories   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FD-10-004  
06/30/2010   FMCS Labor-Management Cooperation Grant Program   Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service   FMCS-2010  
07/07/2010   "Grants to States for Health Insurance Premium Review-Cycle I" Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (OCIIO)   CMS-Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight   RFA-FD-10-999  
07/15/2010   Feed Safety and BSE/Ruminant Feed Ban Support Project (U18)   Food & Drug Administration   RFA-FD-10-002  
10/27/2010   Vocational Training and Education for Clean Energy (VOC TEC)   Agency for International Development   RFA-OAA-10-000011  
03/07/2011   Teacher Professional Development and Infrastructure Program (TPDI Program) in South Sudan   Bolivia USAID-La Paz   650-11-004  
05/18/2011   Capacity Building for Education Reform Program   West Bank, Gaza USAID-West Bank   RFA294-2011-206  
06/20/2011   Health Outcomes through Prevention Education (HOPE)   Kenya USAID-Nairobi   RFA-623-11-000006  

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