UNICOR's Federal Bonding Program

The UNICOR Federal Bonding Program is designed to provide theft insurance to employers who hire ex-federal offenders. The Inmate Transition Branch (ITB) administers the program. Bonding coverage up to $5,000 is available to employers who hire ex-federal offenders after February 1, 2006.

Employers who have hired eligible ex-offenders may apply (on a standard application form) for the insurance, at no cost to the employers or to the employees. The initial bond, paid for by UNICOR, covers the first six months of employment and is renewable by the employer at commercial rates. In the event of theft of money or property, this insurance will reimburse the employer up to the bond value.

Eligibility: An ex-offender must have worked in UNICOR for at least six months during incarceration in a federal correctional institution and must seek coverage within one year after release. Each offender is entitled to coverage for one job after completing their residence/program at a residential re-entry center (RCC or halfway house, as it is commonly called).

Employment materials for ex-offenders:

Materials related to this program are available in institution inmate libraries and at employment resource centers. Additionally, these materials are available to RRCs and Federal Probation offices.

Employers' point of contact: ITB Federal Bonding Specialist (202-305-3872)