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Connecting America through Coins

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  1. Overview
  2. Security and Privacy Safeguards
  3. Cookies
  4. Children's Personal Information
  5. Information Collected and Stored automatically
  6. Online Catalog Features and Privacy
  7. Unsubscribing from Mint Communications
  8. Other Information Collected and Stored from E-mails and Web Forms
  9. Privacy Act Information
  10. Legal Authority

  1. OVERVIEW (8/01)

    Your privacy is of the highest concern to the United States Mint. As we continually strive to improve our online services, our information practices may change, so please check back here often for changes to our Privacy Statement.


    This is an official United States Government System, which may be used only for authorized purposes. For site security purposes and to ensure that this service remains available to all users, we employ software that can monitor network traffic and identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage. Use of this system constitutes consent to such monitoring and auditing. Uploading or changing information, or attempting to upload or change information, on this service are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act. Except for authorized law enforcement investigations, this monitoring and auditing is not used to identify individual users or their usage habits.

    If you choose to transmit or receive personal information electronically (such as by e-mail), you should be aware that we cannot guarantee confidentiality across the Internet. Many browsers support Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a communications protocol which encrypts data transferred between your browser and a web server. The United States Mint offers SSL encryption for credit card purchases from our online catalog. You may also purchase our products by telephone at 1-800-USA-MINT (1-800-872-6468). As a government agency, the United States Mint is committed to the security of its information systems.

    The United States Mint maintains a robust information security program. Mint information systems are safeguarded by an interlocking matrix of technical, operational and management controls designed to prevent any compromise of information confidentiality, integrity or availability. The Mint reviews and tests these security controls as part of an ongoing process, to ensure that personally-identifiable information about the public is protected as it is being processed, when it is transmitted and while it is being stored on any Mint information technology system. Customer data is stored in electronic databases in physically secured facilities, with restricted access that is further controlled by user authentication protocols.

  3. COOKIES (10/2010)

    Some parts of our site use "cookies," small files placed on your hard drive when you access a Web site. We may use cookies to keep you connected to our site during your session, to operate our shopping cart and certain forms, or to count the number and type of visitors to the different pages on our site. As required by Office of Management and the Budget policy and applicable law, the United States Mint has received authorization from the Secretary of the Treasury to use this shopping cart cookie to operate its online catalog. We are in the process of updating this approval as required by Office of Management and Budget Memorandum M-10-22 dated June 25, 2010. We do not use cookies to store individually-identifiable information, or to track your actions over time or across Web sites. You can configure your browser to accept or decline cookies, or to alert you when cookies are in use. You do not have to accept cookies from us, but if you choose not to, some of the functions on our site may not be available to you. Once your transaction is completed and confirmed, you may delete any cookies from your hard drive.


    The Mint does not attempt to collect personally-identifiable information online from children under the age of 13.


    The United States Mint uses software to create summary site statistics. If you do not provide personally-identifying information (such as by sending e-mail, making an online purchase or completing an online form) and visit our site solely to read or download information, we collect and store only the following:

    • the name of the domain from which you access the Internet;
    • the type and version of the browser you are using to access our site;
    • the date and time you access our site; and
    • the Internet address of the web site from which you linked directly to our site.

    If you have a cable modem, DSL or other always-on connections, please discuss with your service provider to see if this may be different for you. We store and use these statistics to manage and improve our Web site and the services we offer, but we do not use them to identify you or your usage habits except in authorized law enforcement investigations.


    The United States Mint is proud to offer a variety of updated online catalog services. To offer these services, we sometimes collect information from you as discussed below. The Mint never sells this information nor rents it to anyone. It may be subject to Privacy Act routine use disclosures and to disclosure as otherwise required by law.

    Features Which Don't Require Catalog Web Membership (12/03)
    You do not have to establish a catalog Web Membership to use features such as making online purchases of products or E-Gift Certificates, e-mail newsletter services, gift boxes, advance search functions, online e-mail assistance or order tracking. If you choose to use these features we require you to provide information such as your credit card data, and telephone numbers, names, and e-mail and postal addresses for yourself and/or your recipient to provide the products and services you request. You do not have to provide this information to browse our Web site, including our Web catalog, but if you choose not to provide it you won't be able to use the service for which the information is required. This information (including third-party personal information) may be stored by the Mint and government contractors, and may be shared with government employees and government contractors. We use this information to handle your orders and E-Gift certificates, for analysis and generally to provide our services. If you make a purchase or ship a product to others, we use postal addresses you provide to send print catalogs and product information. We use e-mail addresses you provide to send you the notices you request, to communicate with you about your orders and our products, and to notify E-Gift Certificate recipients of your gifts. As a service to E-Gift recipients we may also use their email addresses to send reminders about product purchase opportunities for their unredeemed E-Gift Certificates. You and your recipients may unsubscribe from Mint communications by following the procedures below.

    When You Choose to Register to Establish a Catalog Web Membership (12/03)
    When you choose to register to become a catalog Web Member and select a username and password, you must provide your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and credit card information. If you choose not to provide this information you will not be able to establish a Catalog Web membership. Credit card information helps us verify that you are over the age required by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act for collection of personal information. While establishing your Web Membership you can also choose to tell us about your interests and preferences in Mint products. Registration information is stored by the Mint and its contractors in electronic databases. When you make purchases and use member services, with your registration information the Mint and its contractors also store your Account Preferences, Shipping Information, Order History (including Subscription and E-Gift Certificate information), Address Book and Wish List entries, as well as third-party personal information you provide if you use member features such as the Address Book.

    Information collected when you establish your catalog Web Membership may be used to process your orders and provide member services and other services you select. It is also used to provide you with tools to manage services such as Subscriptions, and generally communicate with you in connection with your orders and the products and services we offer. This information may also be used to improve our products and services generally. After you provide your username and password, you may access, review, and edit your Catalog Web account information, and you may end your Catalog Web Membership. Information you provide may be shared with government contractors for analysis and in connection with the services we offer. If you purchase E-Gift certificates, we use e-mail addresses you provide to notify E-Gift Certificate recipients of your gift. As a service to E-Gift recipients we may also use their email addresses to send reminders about product purchase opportunities for their unredeemed E-Gift Certificates. We do not market to third parties listed in your Address Book unless you send them E-Gift Certificates or products or they purchase products or services from us. They may unsubscribe from Mint communications by following the procedures below.


    We do our best to refrain from sending unwanted information. Should you wish to cease receiving postal or email materials from the United States Mint, you may contact Customer Service toll free, 8 a.m. to 12:00 midnight, 7 days a week: within the United States at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468), and from outside the United States at 001-202-898-MINT (6468). Hearing and speech impaired customers with TTY equipment can reach us at 1-888-321-MINT (6468) Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. You may also write to directly to United States Mint, Customer Service, 2799 Reeves Road, Plainfield, IN 46168, USA. You may also unsubscribe from email services online. Web catalog Members may also use their online My Account management tools.


    We don't require you to provide any personal information to access and browse our Web site or to use most of our online services. If you do choose to provide personally-identifying information to the United States Mint, we also offer alternate methods to access our products and services such as postal mail and telephone. Please remember that the Mint never sells this information nor rents it to anyone. Information and materials you provide to the Mint may be subject to Privacy Act routine use disclosures, and to disclosure as otherwise required by law.

    If you choose to use the online search function on the main, non-catalog section of our Web site, we collect the search terms you provide. We do this anonymously, without collecting additional personal information from you and without associating the search terms with other personal information we may have otherwise collected. We use these search terms to understand the priorities of visitors to our Web site and improve our Web site and services generally.

    If you choose to request a newsletter, catalog, or other materials to be sent by e-mail or postal mail, we collect personal information such as your name, e-mail and home addresses, and telephone number. We and our contractors store the information in electronic databases and use it to process and verify requests and provide our products and services.

    If you choose to join The United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Teachers' Network, we collect information including your name, e-mail address, academic information, and newsletter preferences. If you submit lesson plans for consideration and possible posting for distribution on our site, we also collect your address and other contact information, and a copy of the rights transfer agreement you sign electronically when you transmit your lesson plans or units to the Mint. We store this information and material and use it to send you the password and username you'll need to contribute lesson plans/units, for security and record keeping, and to communicate with you about the lesson plans/units and rights agreements you submit and about the Teachers' Network generally. If you request e-mailed newsletters and notices, we use your e-mail address to send them. You don't have to provide your e-mail address or registration information to enjoy the other features of The United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site, but if you do not to provide this information you won't be able to contribute Lesson Plans or Units.

    If you choose to register with our recruiting service, you will be asked to give your name, resume and employment history (which will include social security numbers and additional contact information), postal and e-mail addresses, and to select employment preference information. We need the information requested to evaluate your qualifications. Provision of Race and National Origin information is entirely optional and is used by the Mint solely for the purpose of providing summary statistics on recruitment strategies. We require your Social Security Number (SSN) in order to keep your records straight (as other people may have the same name). As allowed by law or Presidential directive, we may use your SSN to seek information about you from employers, schools, banks, and others who know you. Your SSN may also be used in studies and computer matching with other Government files, for example, files on unpaid student loans. If you do not give us your SSN or any other information requested, we cannot process your application, which is the first step in getting a job. Also, incomplete addresses and ZIP Codes will slow processing.

    You do not have to register to browse the job listings on our recruiting service (hosted by our contractor). If you apply for a position, you will also be asked certain self-assessment and competency questions. Some or all of this information may be required before you can be considered or hired. This information is retained by the service in a database and, depending on your expressed preferences, can be used by the service or the Mint to notify you of positions, contact you and continue the employment application process. If you are hired, this information can become part of your permanent employment record and may be shared with the Office of Personnel Management. If you apply and are not hired, the Mint retains it for a limited period and then destroys it.

    If you choose to complete an online survey (as opposed to noting your personal preferences when registering for a service), the Mint collects and stores responses anonymously. We use this information to learn about you and our other customers, and their shopping and technology preferences, to improve our Web site and its design. You are not required to complete any survey to use any feature of the Mint's Web site, including its online catalog.

    Generally, if you choose to submit something online to the Mint that includes personally-identifying information (such as by making an online catalog purchase, filling out other forms, opting-in to services like newsletters or document requests, sending e-mail, or otherwise), we may forward it to other government employees or government contractors to process your order or request or to answer your questions. We may also share your personal information with contractors for purposes of analysis and to conduct approved surveys in which you may be invited to participate. We may also track e-mails you send us to improve our response and message turn-around times.


    The Privacy Act of 1974 (5 U.S.C. § 552a) is a law that addresses the way federal agencies maintain records about individuals. The law strives to balance the government's need to maintain these records with the individual's right to be protected from unwarranted invasions of personal privacy.

    Please contact the United States Mint Disclosure Officer, Kathleen Saunders-Mitchell, at (202) 354-6788,, for information on the process by which you can be notified if a United States Mint Privacy Act system of records contains a record pertaining to you, and for information concerning the process by which you can gain access to such a record pertaining to you, and amend or contest its content.

    Any changes to the United States Mint's Routine Uses of personal information are also to be published in the Federal Register. Users of our recruiting site should also read the U.S. Office of Personnel Management disclosures as published by OPM in the Federal Register from time to time.

  10. LEGAL AUTHORITY (10/00)

    Our authority to ask for personal information in connection with purchases and requests for newsletters and other numismatic-related communications and documents, and for correspondence, comes from 31 U.S.C. §§ 5111, 5112, 5131, 5132 & 5136; 31 C.F.R. Part 92; and other Acts of Congress authorizing the sale of commemorative coins and medals. Authority for the information requested by our recruiting site comes from 5 U.S.C. §§ 301, 1104, 1302, 3301, 3304, 3361, 3393 & 3394, and Executive Order 9397.

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