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What to know about the Predoctoral Process - Transition


How do I avoid a gap in funding as I leave my predoctoral (F30 or F31) training?

Work closely with your Government Program Official. If you are planning to submit a new individual postdoctoral application, also known as an F32, give yourself 13 to 20 months to submit the application before you need it to be funded. With this in mind, you should be doing all you can to ensure a high record of publication productivity as you go into the grant application process again. Although there is no guarantee of avoidance of a gap in funding, this strategy will allow you to provide time for review. If you do not plan to submit an F32 application, you can arrange to train under someone's research grant, usually an R01. Or, you can seek postdoctoral training under an institutional training grant (please see below).

How can I find out about NIDA's Institutional Training Grants for postdoctoral training?

NIDA sponsors several institutional training grants, also known as T32s. These are training grants given to institutions for training predoctoral and postdoctoral students. You will find listings at our Research Training Sites pages. Determine which ones sponsor postdoctoral trainees. Read about their programs. Contact the Principal Investigator listed and/or your Program Official for additional information.

How do I apply for individual postdoctoral training?

See "What to know about the Postdoctoral Process."

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