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Taking Time: Support for People with Cancer

  • Posted: 08/13/2012

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Cancer Will Change Your Life

Millions of Americans alive today have a history of cancer. For them, cancer has become a chronic (on-going) health problem, like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Just like everyone, people who have cancer must get regular checkups for the rest of their lives, even after treatment ends. But unlike other chronic health problems, if you have cancer you probably will not need to take medicine or eat special foods once you have finished treatment.

If you have cancer, you may notice every ache, pain, or sign of illness. Even little aches may make you worry. You may even think about dying. While it's normal to think these thoughts, it's also important to focus on living. Although some people do die of it, many with the disease are treated successfully.Others will live a long time before dying from it. So, try to make the most of each day while living with cancer and its treatment.

No one knows the story of tomorrow's dawn.
--Ashanti (African) Proverb

People Respond to Cancer in Many Ways

This book was written to help you learn from other people with cancer. Many people have helped write this book - patients, their family members, and friends. You will see their comments in all sections of the book. Finding out how others respond to cancer may help you understand your own feelings. And learning how others manage the special problems that cancer brings might help you find ways to cope with the problems that come along for you.